Bane co-creator Chuck Dixon, [easyazon_link identifier=”1600101291″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Badger[/easyazon_link] creator Mike Baron, and the visionary behind [easyazon_link identifier=”1621575454″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel[/easyazon_link] Brett R. Smith have joined Ben Henderson as co-owners of Cautionary Comics.

Not only is Chuck Dixon a co-owner but he’s also the Master Fictioneer and Senior Editor. Brett R. Smith will be the Chief Operating Officer as well as a co-owner, and Mike Baron will be the Editor-in-Chief as well as a co-owner.

Dixon described why he joined Cautionary Comics, “I had to be a part of this deal because at the heart of it beats the crazy conga pulse of pure comics. High concepts and wild presentations. Comics without fear.”

Baron described the type of stories Cautionary Comics will produce, “Cautionary offers dynamic stories that grab you by the throat.”

Henderson was ecstatic about adding Smith, Dixon, and Baron:

“It has truly been one of the highlights of my life to write and create with two of my Heroes, Chuck Dixon and Mike Baron. It’s been amazing learning the business from an industry veteran like Brett. He’s like a brother. I’m lucky to be able to call all three of these guys my Friends. Lots more pure entertainment to come from Cautionary Comics!”

Cautionary Comics is the company behind Ravage which sees Dixon teaming up with Henderson and artists Jimbo Salgado and Bryan Arfel Magnaye. Ravage tells the story of two army veterans who “crash in a mystical jungle populated by a lost tribe of Warrior Women that hunt men, mate with and kill them.” The veterans “must escape, change to survive, or die trying.”  The book raised over $47,000 on IndieGoGo last year.

Along with Ravage, Cautionary Comics will also debut Offworlder, The Wraith, The Magus, Morgar, and others. Ben Henderson promises Offworlder will have an IndieGoGo launch on Friday, March 29, 2019.

The Offworlder stars Henry Gunn, a seventh century warrior from Scotland. During a battle against Viking invaders, Gunn is abducted by an alien race known as the Ananaki who “seek a champion to stop an evil alien race from conquering all known space.”

Offworlder will be written by Mike Baron and Ben Henderson with art by Jordi Argemgol and colors by Bryan Arfel Magnaye.

Henderson has also debuted a wraparound cover for The Wraith:

Henderson reveals the book is about Seminol Police Officer Patwin Gunn, who “sets out on a seemingly hopeless quest to find the Supernatural Aztec Diety IMAGOG in order to save his wife and child no matter the cost.” In fact, Gunn will become Imagog’s Angel of Death.

The Wraith is actually the immortal enemy of The Offworlder. The book will be written by Mike Baron and Henderson with art by Stephen Strange and colors by Bryan Arfel Magnaye.

Henderson has indicated that both The Offworlder and The Wraith’s first issues have already been completed.

Are you looking forward to the Cautionverse?