Talk of the fabled Snyder Cut of Justice League will probably never die down until we get it. It’s part of a saga that keeps taking new turns, the latest of which just dropped online. And, in a twist, Zack Snyder’s son was pulled into the mix.

A screenshot of a DM conversation between Eli Snyder and a fan named Joshua leaked on Twitter, and YouTube via a Spanish-language channel. In the exchange, Joshua asked Eli about the chance of seeing his dad’s vision come to fruition. Eli replied with “Total optimism” and “Good things are coming soon.”

The image of the dialogue was posted to the elder Snyder’s favored social media playground, Vero, where he conspicuously gave it a like. Back on Twitter, user Chris Wong-Swenson shared the dual images along with his reaction. Safe to say, he eagerly wants the Snyder Cut like so many others.

Eli’s encouraging words could be ambiguous but it’s worth noting his father is attached to a Justice League Part Two. Its status is unknown but it has something to do with the Extended Universe and has been brought up by Movieweb and Den of Geek. The completion of his vision could be in sight, whether in the form of his own cut or a second movie.

Cyborg actor Ray Fisher once said Zack Snyder had enough footage for more than one movie. Snyder bolstered the legitimacy of this claim by saying he shoots what he draws. And Jason Momoa sure speaks of a Snyder Cut as if it could happen, even stating he wanted to see it someday.

Adding the most fuel to the fire is Snyder’s habit of dropping hints and evidence of what could’ve been. A new sketch, storyboard, or still image revealing Darkseid would make it onto his Vero all the time. He’s also talked about his plans for Justice League’s ending before Whedon was brought aboard.

If hard at work on a Justice League Part Two, the director will keep busy, regardless. Snyder’s next film —  Army of the Dead, meant to begin shooting this summer — returns to his zombie-apocalypse roots at Netflix. Dave “Drax” Bautista is reportedly attached in an unknown role.