Brie Larson Says Captain Marvel Can Defeat Superman – She’s Wrong

Brie Larson said Captain Marvel can defeat Superman in a recent interview. She’s dead wrong.

Larson sat down with Wired’s Autocomplete Interviews, where she stated that Captain Marvel can defeat Superman.

At around the 5:12 mark, Larson reads off the question, “Can Captain Marvel defeat Superman?”

She responds, “I can’t believe you’d have to Google that. Duh.”

I find it hard to believe that Captain Marvel could actually be Superman. In fact, it appears that Captain Marvel could not actually take on Superman.

Carol Danvers has easily been destroyed by The Hulk on multiple occasions.

During her stint as Ms. Marvel, Moonknight has to save her from Hulk’s clutches.


In another instance, Hulk takes a number of blows from Carol only to send her flying with one hit.


In the DC vs. Marvel crossover, Superman defeated Hulk.


If Hulk can easily smash Carol Danvers and Superman beat down Hulk, one can assume Superman would easily defeat Captain Marvel.


Larson would also answer other questions in the interview and one really caught my eye.

At 4:28, Larson reads, “Does Captain Marvel time travel?” Her answer is quite surprising, “No. I don’t time travel. I understand it’s a little confusing with the time lapse. She uses good skin care. Don’t worry about it.”

This answer refutes Samuel L. Jackson’s comments that said Captain Marvel can time travel.

“She’s one of the few people in the Marvel Universe that can time travel.”

Larson would also reveal how Captain Marvel gets her powers saying, “Captain Marvel gets her powers from a crazy blast. But don’t try to do that yourself. I have never tried, but I experienced it in the movie and it’s not so nice. You are probably better off just scooting around on the carpet and creating an electric charge and then shocking people.”

This line-ups with the leaked spoilers that indicate she gets her powers from a blast. It’s also hinted at in the trailers as you see her lying in the ground with blue blood dripping from her nose. One can assume she gets her powers from that explosion she is hit from. It also lines up with what happens in the comics as Carol Danvers acquires her powers when the Psyche-Magnitron explodes and the original Captain Marvel, the Kree hero Mar-Vell, leaps in front of her to protect her. The explosion causes Mar-Vell’s DNA to bond with Carol’s giving her superpowers.

Do you agree with Brie Larson? Do you think Captain Marvel can defeat Superman?

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