Comic book creator and Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame inductee Neal Adams, who created what many argue is the definitive looks for both Batman and Green Arrow, took to Twitter to warn against political discrimination against Republicans in the comic book industry.

Adams would tweet, “WHOA! I’m hearing that certain creatives are not getting work because of their Republican political views! I hope this is WRONG! WE ARE A CREATIVE COMMUNITY,…NOT a political party. The very thought that “black-balling” for political reasons happens would be JUST PLAIN WRONG.”

Adams is a little late to the party. Prolific comic book creator Chuck Dixon, who co-created Bane alongside Graham Nolan, and went on to create some of the most seminal Batman tales has repeatedly stated he’s been blackballed from Marvel Comics. Dixon also wrote a number of iconic runs on Marvel’s The Punisher.

We asked Dixon about the blacklist at Marvel Comics in an interview in February of last year. He responded, “When you don’t fall in lockstep with everything Axel Alonso believes. Of course, which of us is still working in comics today?”

A number of other comic book creators including Injustice artist Mike Miller and founder of Cautionary Comics Benjamin Henderson would indicate they are blacklisted as well while responding to Adams.

Miller would elaborate on the blacklist:

Alterna Comics owner and founder Peter Simeti, who was recently the victim of an attempted SWATTING also chimed in alluding to the idea of a blacklist based on politics.

Former DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver would also chime in referring to an article from Vulture saying, “These articles in the bullshit far leftwing media are part of the harassment campaign against Conservatives in comics. These articles are the punishment for being a Republican in comics who disagree w/ SJWs.”

What do you make of Adams’ warning? Do you think comic book creators are blackballed for their Republican and conservative political views?

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