Jamie Peck, who writes for The Guardian as well as Rolling Stone took to Twitter to insinuate that white people are not human.

The Guardian was one of the publications who weighed in on Comicsgate calling fans racists and misogynists.

Peck would write, “We are in a war between those who choose to be human and those who choose to be white. In order to effectively stamp out fascism, we must take on all hierarchies at once. White supremacy cannot be disentangled from patriarchy and class oppression. Liberalism is not the answer.”

Peck also claims on her Twitter profile that she is the co-host of the Antifada podcast and would retweet one of their tweets saying, “she should have said, ‘white genocide is good as F***.”

The Antifada podcast is described as a “family friendly communist podcast.”

You can see her retweet below.

Jamie Peck RT

Peck tweeted out last Ocotober that “white genocide is good as hell.”

The Antifada podcast has also made several tweets saying “white genocide is fine.”

They would also intimate that Karl Marx, the man who came up with the idea of communism “wrote about the historical necessity of white genocide.”

When pressed on why they were discussing white genocide, Antifada, would indicate they are “clowning” on people.

Peck has written a number of articles for The Guardian concerning the #MeToo movement. Her work for Rolling Stone involves a couple of articles concerning heroin and marijuana.

Peck’s original Tweet would be roundly condemned with many describing it as racism.

Peck isn’t the first person to express this type of belief. Amazon Studios and Cartoon Network writer Taylor Cox also indicated she wanted white extinction.

What do you make of Peck’s tweets and the subsequent tweets from her podcast? Do you think she is racist?