Iconic Batman artist Neal Adams recently took to Twitter to state that “Donald Trump has made me ashamed to be white.”

Not only did Adams create one of the most iconic looks for Batman, but he created one of his best villains in Ra’s al Ghul. He also created Man-Bat.

In his tweet Adams would add, “And made me prefer to identify with whatever amount of me is otherwise. One day I hope to be less ashamed. Not now.”

Adams has recently gotten quite political with his recent tweets. It all started when he actually warned the comic book industry about discriminating against political views specifically Republicans.

However, he would quickly recant on his warning saying he made over 100 phone calls and he didn’t find “any talented artists or writers who didn’t get work because of their political views.”

A number of comic book professionals including Billy Tucci would chime in letting Adams know he hadn’t called them.

Others like Mike Miller and Peter Simeti previously indicated there is quite a lot of blacklisting happening in the comics industry.

Chuck Dixon has been quite open that Marvel Comics has blacklisted him. He told us in an interview in February last year, “When you don’t fall in lockstep with everything Axel Alonso believes. Of course, which of us is still working in comics today?”

In a subsequent tweet Adams would make it clear where he stands on a number of political issues.

What do you make of Neal Adams feeling “ashamed to be white” because Donald Trump is the President of the United States?