Writer/Director Judd Apatow took to Twitter to describe a major portion of American citizens as “cult like zombies.”

The 40 Year Old Virgin writer and director responded to a Tweet from CBS White House reporter Kathryn Watson writing, “At some point even cult like Trump zombies will realize the madman they have supported cares for no one.”

The director continued his commentary on Trump and his supporters writing, ” He thought it would be easier to attack a dead man since he is losing his fight with all of the living human beings- then he found out he was wrong.”

The tweet comes after President Trump stepped up his criticisms of the late Arizona Senator John McCain this week.

Judd Apatow, like many in Hollywood, doesn’t have a very positive view on Trump, nor his supporters. For instance, the summer after Trump won the Presidency, Apatow took to Twitter to insinuate that Trump voters were rapists. He specifically called them “rape base” in a now-deleted Tweet.

Judd Apatow Calling People Rape Base

Apatow has all called Trump, whose son-in-law is Jewish, a “Nazi.” He wrote last summer,  “He’s a Nazi. He wants no judicial process. He kidnapped children and commits acts of violence for political gain and to support his racist views. He admires violent dictators. Trump is a Nazi. The debate is over. Soon we will have proof he is a Nazi supported by the Russians.”

Last I checked, Hiter’s Germany actually attacked the former Soviet Union during World War II. In fact, the Nazis killed millions of Russians on the Eastern Front during World War II. It’s estimated that over 24 million Russians were killed during the war.

Apatow has also called for the boycott of all Fox properties in the past. It’s a tactic supported by Avengers: Endgame actor Don Cheadle given his support for the Sleeping Giants group, who specifically targets television shows and news outlets that they don’t politically agree with. They specifically target advertisers in order to harm the show and company financially.

Apatow more recently targeted Fox News Host Tucker Carlson. He tweeted at Pfizer and Subaru regarding their ad buys on Tucker’s show.

What do you make of Judd Apatow’s comments regarding Trump supporters? What about his tactic to financially harm people he doesn’t politically agree with?