Actor Patton Oswalt, who was recently tapped by Marvel TV to work on adult animated comedies Hit-Monkey and M.O.D.O.K., took to Twitter to declare that Americans elected “an openly racist” as President of the United States.

Oswalt would begin by referencing a number of conspiracy theories involving the assassination of John F. Kennedy as well as the September 11 terrorist attacks comparing them to the ongoing conspiracy of Russian collusion pushed by many members of the news media as well as members of the Democrat and Republican Parties.

He would write, “Maybe ‘Russian collusion’ is this generation’s ‘2nd gunman’ or ‘controlled demolition’ — we need there to be a master lattice behind all of this chaos, even if the lattice is diabolical. ‘Diabolical’ still implies ‘logic’ even if the logic is malignant.”

He would then go on to state that “Americans elected an openly racist, failed grifter, sexual predator to the highest office in the land — all by ourselves.”

He would continue writing, “But that also means we can FIX this, all by ourselves. We’ve been waaaay close to the brink that this before — Jackson, Buchanan, Nixon. We’ve pulled back from way more hopeless pits.” He adds, “But the pulling back always came AFTER facing what we were. We’ll see.”

Oswalt would simply conclude, “Sorry this wasn’t funnier.”

Interestingly enough, last July, when President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the 2018 Russia-United States summit, Oswalt admitted to being a firm believer in Russian collusion. He would tweet, “You could end this today. GOP. You could caucus with the Dems and figure out a way to remove a President who’s just committed blatant treason in full view. But you’ll just be ‘disappointd’ and move on, won’t you?”

This is isn’t the first time Patton Oswalt has taken to attacking President Trump and his supporters. Earlier this month, Oswalt recently compared President Trump’s White House to “diarrhea-covered monkeys on PCP.

The actor has also weighed in on Comicsgate, openly mocking the movement, and personally insulting Richard C. Meyer’s graphic novel Iron Sights.

What do you make of Oswalt’s latest comments concerning Americans and President Donald Trump?