The Suicide Squad won’t be out for another two years but it will roll into production later this year so James Gunn is getting to work and putting the project at the forefront of his mind.

Earlier in the week, writer/director Gunn shared his first, tentative drawing in an Instagram story. A selfie, he captioned it “My Beautiful storyboards are back” accompanied by the tag #TheSuicideSquad.

Gunn doesn’t clarify what he is drawing. Looking closely, it appears to be a close-up on King Shark next to a kicking boot or a footprint. I wonder if Gunn shoots everything he draws too, like Zack Snyder.

Could it be an elaborate setpiece or sprawling fight sequence involving the bulky aquatic metahuman he has in mind? Knowing Gunn, something huge is in store, especially for King Shark.

Shark is going to be in it and so will Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang. They will be joined by obscure newcomers Ratcatcher, Polk-A-Dot Man, and the character that inspired Comedian from Watchmen, Peacemaker.

Margot Robbie is expected for a return, furthering Harley’s adventures after Birds of Prey. Jai Courtney recently opened up about coming back to Captain Boomerang and he is eager to do so. John Cena is rumored for Peacemaker and Idris Elba is all but a lock for a role yet to be revealed. Initially, Elba was believed to be stepping into the shoes of Will Smith and taking over as Deadshot — a supposition quickly squelched.

In new developments, Viola Davis is reportedly reprising the role of Amanda Waller. There have been conflicting reports on the status of Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg. As of now, Kinnaman sounds like he will be involved.

Though the band is largely getting back together, The Suicide Squad is a reboot and not a direct sequel to David Ayer’s movie. Written and directed by James Gunn, it will be in theaters August 6, 2021.

What do you think Gunn is drawing? Can you wait for The Suicide Squad? Leave us a comment.