Tom Arnold’s Wife Claims His Obsession With Donald Trump And Drug Abuse Is Cause of Failed Marriage

Tom Arnold’s estranged wife, Ashley Groussman Arnold, indicated that her marriage with Tom Arnold has failed because of Arnold’s obsession with Donald Trump and his drug abuse.

The Blast reports they’ve acquired documents from Ashley Groussman Arnold’s divorce filing, where she is asking the court to grant her child custody as well as spousal support. She specifically is requesting $6,783 per month for both of their children and $9,036 per month for herself based off of Tom Arnold’s 2017 salary which is reportedly $604,680.

In the documents, she describes that Arnold’s behavior has become “increasingly erratic.” In fact, she claims Tom’s communications with me throughout these dissolution proceedings have been hostile and accusatory.”

She separated from Arnold and moved out of their home and began renting a home. She claims he has abused prescription drugs following their separation, “Since separation, Tom has continued to engage in non-child centered conduct and abuse of prescription drugs.” The Blast indicates those drugs include Phentermine and Fenfluramine or Fen-Phen. She also claims that in January 2019 he “admitted that he had been using phentermine and Ambien.”

However, she does note that they attempted to make things work. Ashley notes, “I had hoped that things would cool down after I moved out, but that has not been the case.” She would detail that the two even attended co-parenting therapy sessions , but she described his behavior as “irrational and crazy during the sessions, which proved to be worthless as Tom did the exact opposite of e everything we discussed during our sessions.

She also notes Tom’s obsession with Donald Trump coupled with the drug abuse led to the downfall of their marriage, “Tom’s fixation on ‘taking down’ Donald Trump was an ongoing issue in our marriage.” She added, “For the past two years it has consumed his life and presented numerous safety issues for our family.” In fact, Ashley claims that she was supposed to appear on a number of episodes of “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold.” The Blast notes she “thought it was unwise to continue feeding into the obsessive behavior.”

She also indicates that Tom Arnold lied to the Secret Service after they visited their home. “Tom told the Secret Service he did not have any guns in our home. This is untrue.”

Arnold reported he received a visit from the Secret Service in November of last year after he challenged President Trump to a fight. Not only did he issue a statement regarding the visit, but he released the taped encounter through the left-leaning Mother Jones website.

On the video you can hear a Secret Service agent say, “You’re free to say whatever you want … [but] once a certain line is crossed … what we’re concerned with is the type of audience it could reach, that it could incite somebody.

Tom Arnold also made headlines last year when he called former Superman actor Dean Cain a “Donald Trump loving fake Christian coward which makes Dean Cain anti-LGBTQ & racist.”

Cain would confront Arnold telling him, “I’m not a racist person; I never have been.” The two would appear to make amends after Arnold was confronted, but he would quickly get back to attacking Cain on Twitter calling him “the worst kind of anti-LGBTQ racist Trump suck up christian fraud.”

He was also accused of giving producer Roma Downey a bruise on her hand while pursuing his TV show.

Tom Arnold was the first to petition the court for divorce back in February of this year.  He would claim, “For the last couple years we grew apart and have been moving in different directions, which is why at this time we have decided to end our marriage.”

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