The actor and host of the series The Hunt for the Trump Tapes Tom Arnold opened up about a visit from the United States Secret Service that happened last month. The reason for the visit? Apparently, they were due to  Tweets he posted about President Trump.

You can see the statement below from Tom Arnold:

Not only did Arnold release the above statement, but he recorded his conversation with the agents as they interviewed him in his living room. He released the tape to the left-leaning news outlet Mother Jones. They have so far posted a portion of the conversation between Arnold and agents of the Secret Service.

In the video, an agent with the Secret Service explained that there were previous attempts on the president’s life.

One agent tells Arnold, “You’re free to say whatever you want … [but] once a certain line is crossed … what we’re concerned with is the type of audience it could reach, that it could incite somebody.”

Arnold told the agents that he understood what they were telling him in their conversation. And it was reiterated in the statement above which he has pinned on his official Twitter account.

For their part, The Secret Service gave a statement to The Hollywood Reporter which said:

“The Secret Service does not confirm or comment on the absence or existence of specific investigations. We can say, however, the Secret Service takes all threats and/or unusual direction of interest toward our protectees seriously.”

Tom Arnold isn’t the only Hollywood actor to have choice words for the President.

Others such as Avengers Director Joss Whedon have called for President Trump’s death earlier this year. In a now-deleted tweet, the director went on ask the president to “just quietly die.” Then you have comic book artist Tom Feister who also echoed similar feelings when he wished a horrible death on the President of the United States. His tweet has also been deleted.

Feister isn’t the only comic book artist or writer to fantasize about the death of Donald Trump. Multiple comic book creators from Doc Shaner to Ron Marz did so this past October.

I want to hear from you. What do you make of Tom Arnold’s statement?  Do you think the public knowledge that the Secret Service is interviewing people who threaten President Trump will make a number of people especially those in Hollywood begin to tone down their rhetoric? Or, are they just getting warmed up? Let me know in the comments below!