IndieGoGo has suspended the Rebel Yell Issue #2 campaign and backers for the project are already reporting they are receiving refunds on their transactions.

Twitter user EvaUnit02NZ posted a screenshot from IndieGoGo indicating their transaction for Rebel Yell Issue #2 had been refunded. The email also indicates that “IndieGoGo’s Trust and Safety Team determined this campaign didn’t comply with our Terms of Use. You’ll no longer receive any perks associated with this transaction.”

The campaign is also no longer searchable on IndieGoGo’s website. However, the campaign page is still active. On the top of the page it reads, “This campaign is under review. It is not accepting contributions.”

The page also indicates the campaign had been suspended. (Archive link:

ElectricDinosaur, the creator of Rebel Yell, reported that the campaign and their account had been suspended. They also noted that they are “intending to fulfill all our prior orders for free, as our thanks to y’all for ‘sticking with us.'”

We previously reported that IndieGoGo had refused to disperse funds to Electric Dinosaur following the successful crowdfunding campaign for Rebel Yell Issue #2. The comic had raised $541 from 18 backers.

The comic features a masked hero named Rebel Yell who takes a stand in Vandal City after “malicious mobs” seek to destroy the traditions, symbols, and heroes of the past.

This isn’t the first comic book crowdfunding campaign to be shutdown. IndieGoGo is reportedly facing a class action lawsuit after they shut down Arkhaven Comics’ Alt-Hero: Q crowdfunding campaign.

The lawsuit was confirmed by Flying Sparks writer Jon Del Arroz who told us why he switched from using IndieGoGo to KickStarter, “My publisher’s currently in a lawsuit with IndieGoGo over their deplatforming of Chuck Dixon’s Alt-Hero Q book, and so it wouldn’t make sense to use the platform.”

Del Arroz also noted that the lawsuit is going “excellent!” He adds, “They’re in big trouble because what they’re doing is illegal.”

Not only is IndieGoGo facing a lawsuit, but a number of other comic book creators who were funding crowdfunding projects on IndieGoGo indicated they had not received payment from IndieGoGo following their campaigns.

What do you make of IndieGoGo suspending the Rebel Yell Issue #2 crowdfunding campaign? Will this make you wary of backing products on IndieGoGo in the future?