Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood: “Mandatory Vasectomies Until You Want to Have Children”

HBO’s Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood took to Twitter to advocate for “mandatory vasectomies until you want to have children.”

Wood would write:

“Mandatory vasectomies until you want to have children.
They can be reversed, so.
Come on guys, Lets save lives! Whats that? A hard no? Why? Cause its your body and we dont get to make that choice for you? Ooooooohhhhhh!!!”

Wood would receive support from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow actor Johnathon Schaech. Schaech plays Jonah Hex on the show. He would state, “It’s great idea.”

When one user stated that reversing a vasectomy could “end up as de facto sterilization,” Wood responded saying, “Some women die giving birth or because of complications with the pregnancy. SO.., to be fair, you are just gonna have to take that chance.”

The Mayo Clinic notes, “Almost all vasectomies can be reversed.” However, they also state, “Vasectomy reversal can be attempted even if several years have passed since the original vasectomy — but the longer it has been, the less likely it is that the reversal will work.”

Wood previously tweeted that “countless women are going to die.”

Wood’s tweets appear to be in response to Georgia governor Brian Kemp signing the pro-life heartbeat bill. The bill came under pressure from a number of other celebrities and Hollywood led by Alyssa Milano. Milano along with Avengers: Endgame actor Don Cheadle called for Hollywood to boycott the entire state of Georgia if the bill was signed. Schaech had also signed his name to the initial letter. They would be joined by a number of other actors including Endgame actors Mark Ruffalo and Tessa Thompson.

Wood’s initial tweet was largely praised by her followers.

What do you make of Wood’s idea? Do you think it’s a good one? Or is it completely terrible?

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