Why Binging Riverdale on Netflix Isn’t Worth It

“Riverdale,” the gritty, teen drama based on Archie Comics has been renewed for another season. Viewers once clamored for the annual Netflix releases but it’s not worth the time nor effort to binge season three’s 22 episodes.

Too Crazy

All teen dramas are ridiculous, that’s part of their charm, but Riverdale has gone straight past ridiculous to eye-role inducing absurd. Season three featured seizures, Archie going to juvie after pleading guilty for a murder he didn’t commit, the prison fight club, a town-wide quarantine, and Archie getting mauled by a bear in Canada. It’s literally been crazy. It’s not worth it to watch anymore and when Riverdale season three comes onto Netflix next weekend, May 23, 2019, I will not be watching.

The once-wholesome cartoon has delved into the world of gangs, murder, and general mayhem in the show, taking a significant break from the normal Archie comic source material. The plot lines don’t make sense, don’t connect, and tries too hard to twist and subvert the audience’s expectations. I can understand Hiram Lodge being arrested for fraud and embezzlement prior to the first season, contextually and realistically, that makes sense. Hiram is now funneling drugs via a convent. By and large, the plot has devolved to the point where you have to squint to find it.

Season three just ended and managed to take a popular fan theory and make it even crazier than it was. The Gargoyle King was finally revealed to be Chic under the mask, being controlled by Penelope Blossom. Her motives were never really explored beyond a general hatred of Riverdale, which at this point feels like a cheap cop-out.

Hope for the Future Riverdale

However, one plot hole intrigues all viewers: Fred Andrew’s fate. Played by Luke Perry, the character has been on an extended business trip since the actor’s death. Perry died at age 52 after a massive stroke. Previously, Riverdale had just ignored the character, giving him no memorial or recognition, but season 4 is set to give him one at the very start.

If Riverdale can truly have a touching memorial, viewers might be more likely to come back. All fans can agree, season one was the best, by far. If Riverdale could shift back to that tone rather than trying -and failing- to up the ante each season, the audience would be there and willing. Until then, it’s likely season four could be the last. Watch the finale preview below!

What to Watch Instead of Riverdale

Instead of binging Riverdale when it comes to Netflix, there are some other shows you should definitely check out. Here are my recommendations for binge-worthy Netflix shows instead of Riverdale.

The Society

This show is a twisted, modern day retelling of the Lord of the Flies. If you’re a fan of teen dramas with a healthy side of modern commentary on society, this one is for you! Check out the trailer below.

The Umbrella Academy

This show is an adaption of the hit comic book series by Gerard Way. Filled with superheros, special effects, and plot twists that leave you hooked, The Umbrella Academy is perfect for anyone who wants something short and easy to watch. Plus, it has a killer soundtrack. Check out the trailer below.

All American

Friday Night Lights meets Riverdale. This show just dropped on Netflix from The CW. If you’re a fan of teen dramas like Riverdale, without the crazy crime sub-plots, this is for you!

Do you plan on binging Riverdale Season 3 on Netflix? Are there any binge-worthy shows on Netflix that you are checking out?

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