X-Men: Dark Phoenix Actress Sophie Turner: “I Can’t Work in These States” With Pro-Life Laws

Game of Thrones and X-Men: Dark Phoenix actress Sophie Turner declared she will not work in states with pro-life laws like those recently passed in Georgia and Alabama.

Turner did an interview with her X-Men: Dark Phoenix co-star Jessica Chastain with SkyNews, where the two actresses revealed they would not be working in states with pro-life laws.

Chastain stated, “There’s a letter going around that I signed saying I’m not going to work in any state that denies rights for women, for the LGBTQ community, for anyone.” She would add, “I’m not going to work in a state that discriminates.”

Turner would agree with Chastain and indicate she signed the letter as well, “I signed it too. I have yet to tell my agents I signed it.” She added, “They’re going to be like: ‘What? You can’t work in these states?’ Yeah I can’t work in these states.”

When the reporter from SkyNews informed Turner that she had done quite a bit of filming for Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland, where women can face life in jail for aborting a pregnancy, Turner responded, “There was a lot of work of Game Of Thrones there, so luckily we’re moving on.”

Policy Director for The Conservative Partnership Institute, Rachel Bovard, echoed the point made by the Skynews reporter. She wrote on Twitter, “Does she know she filmed Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland which bans abortion?” She would even question Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman’s stances on the issue as well, “Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman, who said this about Georgia, filmed Star Wars in Tunisia, where it’s illegal to be gay.” She concluded, “These people are either insanely dumb or insanely hypocritical.”  inconsistency behind their comments on the issue of abortion:

Actress Alyssa Milano revealed that Hamill and Portman had signed onto her letter calling for Hollywood to boycott Georgia.

Star Wars actors Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman both filmed their movies in the nation of Tunisia where it’s illegal to be gay. You can face up to three years of imprisonment if found guilty.

Turner previously took to Instagram following the passage of pro-life legislation in the sate of Alabama, where she posted a photo of a number of quotes from Republican legislators.

She wrote, “Shame on you. OUR BODIES OUR CHOICE.”

X-Men: Dark Phoenix opens in theaters on June 7th.

What do you make of Sophie Turner’s comments? Will this affect whether or not you see X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theaters?

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