DC Comics and Warner Bros. will be attending San Diego Comic-Con contrary to what a number of media outlets are reporting.

A number of media outlets are wrongly conflating Patty Jenkins recent reveal of the first Wonder Woman 1984 poster where she indicates Warner Bros. will not have a Hall H presentation with Warner Bros. not showing up at San Diego Comic-Con at all.

Even The Hollywood Reporter is misinforming people.

DC Comics announced they would be attending San Diego Comic-Con in a press release back in November. However, they did announce that the set-up will be a little different from previous conventions.

This year the DC Comics booth will be set up right next to the Warner Bros. booth with DC Comics stating it brings “together two powerhouse brands and creating a new super-sized space that will provide the ultimate Con experience.”

They added in their press release:

“With the new layout fans will experience worlds of DC comic books, films, television and more, alongside an array of popular Warner Bros. franchises – all in a single, continuous visit.”

DC Comics and Warner Bros. will have a presence at San Diego Comic Con. But according to Patty Jenkins they will not have a Hall H presentation.

Not having a Hall H presentation is not out of the ordinary. Marvel Studios skipped Hall H last year despite having Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame on the docket.

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