Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway declared he wants a female Alfred in Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman film starring Robert Pattinson.

Not only does Conway want a female Alfred, but he wants Maggie Smith to play that version.

Conway pitched his idea for a Maggie Smith version of Alfred when fellow comic book creator Bryan Hitch asked folks who was their pick for Alfred.

Conway responded, “Hear me out. Maggie Smith.”

Conway would then pitch his idea to Matt Reeves over touting the number of likes his Tweet garnered. He then encouraged someone to start a petition.

While Conway pitched Maggie Smith to play Alfred. Others would pitch Judi Dench for the role.

However, some eyed her for the role of a gender-swapped Commissioner Gordon.

Others quickly latched onto the idea of a female Alfred pitching Emma Thompson, Olivia Coleman, Helen Mirren, and Diana Rigg.

Commentator Eric July would respond to Conway’s idea via YouTube.

July states, “This is by far one of the most stupid things I’ve heard.”

He adds, “More tokenization. It’s a race, bro. It’s a race to see how many classic characters they can run into the ground and tokenize.  It’s like it’s a contest. It’s what it feels like almost. Because it’s completely unnecessary. It’s completely unnecessary to change Alfred like that. Just go get some freaking British guy and call it a day. It’s not necessary to change him into a woman that is totally unnecessary.”

This idea seems on par with Conway’s previous idea to radically alter DC Comics. Last May, Conway pitched an idea to have DC Comics completely reboot their entire universe because “it’s important to remember that our traditional white male superheroes were all created at a time when the default hero was a white male.” He added, “There’s nothing inevitable about their race or gender. Nothing sacred.”

Conway has made a number of controversial opinions in the recent past. In January he derided police and military members who use the Punisher symbol. He would also demonize Republicans along with a number of other comic book creators following the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. Conway also attacked his own customers in an illogical ‘racist’ rant last May.

What do you make of Gerry Conway’s idea to gender swap Alfred and cast Maggie Smith?

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