Brie Larson Gets a “Marvel Issued Black Friend” in Screen Junkies Captain Marvel Honest Trailer

Screen Junkies released their latest honest trailer taking on Disney’s Captain Marvel and they have some good fun roasting the movie even noting Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers gets a “Marvel issued black friend” in Maria Rambeau.

And that wouldn’t be the only sticking point they would roast. They would start off by calling Disney and Marvel Studios out for making Captain Marvel the inspiration for the Avengers and continue from there.

Even her powers get mocked, “A girl with the power of space ship.” They continue, “She’s a snarky flying soldier with amnesia on a quest to recover her true identity, a snarky flying soldier without amnesia.”

Watch and try not to laugh.

Screen Junkies aren’t the only ones to point out the tokenization in Captain Marvel. While Screen Junkies pointed to Maria Rambeau, Eric July took Disney and Marvel Studios to task after the movie was released describing what they did to Monica Rambeau in the film as racist.

July criticizes Captain Marvel stating:

“Yet in the new movie they ruined the character by turning her into the child of a single black mother playing right into the stereotype. Frank, Monica’s father is nowhere to be found. They specifically use this character to really boost Carol Danvers. That’s the only reason she exists. She’s just a black child that looks up to Carol as if she’s this great white hope that she calls her auntie. This obviously was never the case. Never the case in the comics.”

He then theorizes the entire point of including Monica Rambeau was to “check a diversity box.”

“They obviously use Monica as a character because she had that connection to Captain Marvel in name. It’s like they were itching to check a diversity box. We need a black female. Let’s just take Monica Rambeau and turn her into a child. The child of a single mother. So, for the sake of elevating this white chick, one that was never liked in the first place, they destroyed the legacy of Monica Rambeau.”

What do you make of Screen Junkies’ Captain Marvel Honest Trailer? Did it hit the nail on the head? Did it miss the mark? What were your favorite parts of their Honest Trailer?

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