A year out, plot details for the next Wonder Woman are slowly coming to light. We already know how happy Patty Jenkins is with the sequel and that might have something to do with reported creative pivots on her and Warner Bros.’ part.

According to ComicBookMovie.com, Wonder Woman 1984 is bringing changes to Extended-Universe continuity and could further cleanse the palate of Zack Snyder’s dark, ambivalent vision that divided many.

Also, our cast of characters is in for some major overhauls; and the Amazon herself is no exception.

Out With the Dawn

superman batman wonder woman dawn of justice

In Batman v. Superman, Diana Prince was shrouded in mystery. No one, not even Batman, knew who she was. This time, Patty Jenkins is likely to retcon most of that, and Diana will be very well-known in the 1980s — boasting a celeb status.

Her mission has her involved in Cold War espionage, an Amazonian spy on the trail of a “nefarious” Soviet actor. WB’s mission to phase out Zack Snyder completely might begin here in addition.


Pedro Pascal

Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, will play a major part in the plot. Emphasis is still on Cheetah, but Lord is reportedly who gives her powers. Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) is believed to be a Wonder Woman superfan and wants to be a hero like her — similar, possibly, to Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Lord, able to grant wishes, allegedly does so for Minerva, which comes at the price of her capacity to stay in control and be good.

Cheetah’s origin was expected to change drastically from the comics. No longer an archaeologist on a dig who takes part in a botched ritual, her transformation is rumored to be facilitated by a totem. Lord’s involvement takes things a step further.

There’s Something About Steve

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman - Warner Bros.

Lord’s power is rumored to be what brings Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back from the dead although how exactly is a mystery. If there is a downside to his wishes, it can’t be good for Steve or Diana. CBM says Lord could also be a master of transferring his soul, in this case to Trevor, which has the potential to cause heartache for Diana.

With its release pushed to next year, Wonder Woman 1984 will probably skip Comic-Con and drop the first trailer in December while continuing to generate buzz along the way. Its first poster got everyone talking showing Gal Gadot in golden plate mail.

The sequel’s alleged leaks come under a week after Joker’s made it onto the web. Much like the villain’s standalone feature in October, veracity to these Wonder Woman 1984 spoilers will be determined by June 5, 2020.

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