Star Trek actress Marina Sirtis, known for her role as Counsellor Deanna Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation, recently claimed she was “sexually molested” at the age of three.

Sirtis made the claim in an interview with the British publication, The Times, in the lead up to her new stage play Dark Sublime. She told them, “I was sexually molested when I was 3.”

She then described it was her babysitter’s teenage sons, “My mom used to leave me with a baby-minder and it was her teenage sons who molested me.” She added, “I never told anyone because even at 3 you know it’s shameful and you think somehow it’s your fault.”

Sirtis notes she did seek out a therapist while in Los Angeles and stated she had an eating disorder that began at 13 and lasted for 20 years. She connects the eating disorder to the abuse.

“When I finally did get into therapy in L.A. — everybody in L.A. is in therapy, it’s a given — everyone in my group had been sexually assaulted at some point in their lives.”

She goes on to note that she most likely would not have sought out therapy if she had remained in the United Kingdom pointing to the “stoicism of the British character.”

“I would have been a very different person, emotionally and psychologically, if I hadn’t gone to America.”

As to why she decided to speak out about this alleged abuse, Sirtis stated, “What happened to me was awful and I have never talked about it before in public, but I feel that there comes a time when I have to say something, and that time is today.”

Sirtis’ claims of being a victim of sexual  molestation comes after the actress made headlines in an interview with The Big Issue. In the interview Sirtis claimed, “A Star Trek Fan does not equal a Republican, it doesn’t.

“You feel like saying, did you watch the show? Because you are saying the exact opposite of what the show represents. It’s an oxymoron – a Star Trek fan does not equal a Republican, it doesn’t. The people who I hear from on social media, I don’t get how they can be huge fans of the show and my character and think the way that they do.”

What do you make of Sirtis’ claims about being the victim of sexual molestation?

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