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Star Trek: The Next Generation, Paramount, Blu-Ray
January 27, 2022
Captain Kirk might be the most famous Captain in Star Trek, but he’s not the best. That distinct honor goes […]
Source: Blue Bloods (Blu-Ray), Buck Rogers (Blu-Ray), Doctor Who (DVD)
January 19, 2022
Whether it’s comedy, action, sci-fi, or some reality TV, there are plenty of shows that harken back to the good old days when deranged propagandists weren’t in charge of the cultural levers. Some of these shows are well-known, but others might have flown under your radar, which is why it’s time to take a second look.
Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Paramount
December 22, 2021
Here are the 10 best Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes featuring Geordi La Forge as played by actor LaVar Burton.
Source: Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), Paramount Pictures
October 5, 2021
Star Trek: The Next Generation alum Marina Sirtis has vowed not to appear at any U.S. fan conventions unless “everyone is double vaxxed”.
March 15, 2021
Michael Dorn, when discussing playing Worf for so many years on Star Trek, revealed he has pitched a series for the Klingon Lt.
October 16, 2020
Star Trek: Lower Decks showrunner and executive producer Mike McMahan recently claimed that every Starfleet officer on the show is “baseline bisexual.”