Report: Warner Might Not Be Happy with Birds of Prey and Could Make Changes

A new report could spell bad news for Birds of Prey and the new DC Extended Universe.

According to We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. execs are not exactly happy with the movie as it is and may interfere to make changes. Fear is they will have another Justice League situation on their hands — where the theatrical cut differs from the director’s.

Despite this, test audiences have responded positively overall. They are reportedly most impressed with Ewan McGregor as the twisted and nefarious Black Mask.

Will Margot Robbie Intervene on Birds of Prey Cuts?

Screen Rant editor Stephen M. Colbert (no known relation to the Late Show host) also ran with the story. He hopes Margot Robbie will step in if the studio goes too far with cuts and reshoots.

He tweeted:

As WGTC notes, Robbie is a producer and heavily involved in the project. From the start, she’s been working closely with director Cathy Yan and writer Christina Hodson. That could mean she has a final say.

When WB notoriously intervened on Justice League, they hired Joss Whedon to conduct reshoots and change the story around so it would showcase Steppenwolf and cut down Cyborg’s screen time. The DCEU was rebooted thereafter.

Thanks to the chilly reception to Batman v. Superman, to an extent Suicide Squad, and to his own test screening for the Warner brass, Zack Snyder was removed and his vision was chipped away at ever since. The fervid fan campaign for the release of the Snyder Cut soon arose.

Is the DCEU doomed?

In regards to Birds of Prey, one serious change has already been made. Now Black Mask reportedly is gay which is in contrast with the comics.

If any more decrees are passed down from on high by executives, it’s not unthinkable the new DCEU could end before it really started.

Tell us what you think. Will WB alter Birds of Prey to please themselves? Is the DCEU doomed? Leave a comment below.

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