DC Comics Releases Trailer for Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: Curse of the White Knight

DC Comics released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Batman series, Batman: Curse of the White Knight, from writer and artist Sean Gordon Murphy.

Take a look.

The trailer comes as DC Comics ships the first issue of Batman: Curse of the White Knight to comic book shelves everywhere.

Batman: Curse of the White Knight is a sequel to Murphy’s Batman: White Knight. In the sequel Murphy has the Joker recruit Azrael in order to expose a shocking revelation about the legacy of the Wayne family.

Batman will attempt to protect the city as well as his family and loved ones from both Joker and Azrael. However, he will have to face the horrifying truth of his family’s legacy.

Murphy spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the upcoming series noting that “each book will feel like the last chapter of Batman. But they won’t be.”

He adds, “Bruce is struggling with where to take Batman. On one hand he knows Batman has helped Gotham. On the other, he knows continuing to be Batman is problematic, and you can’t really have law, order, and justice while also allowing vigilantism. But coming out might also hurt the city.”

Murphy continues:

“To make things worse, Joker decides to begin his “finale” — one he doesn’t plan on surviving — by telling Batman “the greatest joke in Gotham”. The joke is this: Batman can never fix crime in Gotham, because of the “curse” brought on by the Waynes.”

As for his version of Azrael, Murphy describes him as “John Rambo in First Blood – a misunderstood veteran who takes it too far.” He adds, “Azrael’s very much the antagonist, but his PTSD and his “warrior culture” code of ethics makes him more empathetic than other villains.”

Batman: Curse of the White Knight is planned to be an 8-issue series from Murphy with colors by his partner in crime Matt Hollingsworth.

Along with the official trailer from DC Comics, Murphy released his own 8-bit trailer to promote the comic.

He also indicated that original art from the first issue is available for purchase on his website.

Did you pick up Batman: Curse of the White Knight? Do you plan on picking it up?

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