An alleged tweet from Marvel Comics writer Alyssa Wong attacking Stan Lee appears to be fake.

The alleged tweet from Wong, which circulated throughout the internet as well as here on Bounding Into Comics was dated on the day Stan Lee died last year. The tweet appeared to begin circulating shortly after we published an article detailing that Wong was hired by Marvel Comics after she accused Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski of being a racist. Not only had Wong attacked C.B. Cebulski, but as social media tracking website SocialBlade points out, Wong deleted over 40,000 tweets in December of 2018 including the ones attacking Cebulski.

However, the alleged tweet does appear to be fake.

Wong issued a statement on Twitter denying she had issued the Tweet.

Not only did Wong deny the alleged Tweet, but Twitter user DataRacer also pointed out a number of discrepancies with the alleged Tweet.

DataRacer notes the alleged Tweet does not have any handle emojis next to her name, it uses the same “user pics” as FakeTweeter, and when you do an Advanced Twitter Search for Tweets mentioning Wong’s handle on Twitter on November 12th, there are none that show up.

Twitter user Kaiser Leo who had previously engaged with Wong in November of 2017, and whose response to one of her deleted Tweets was initially used to support the idea the Tweet was real, believes the Tweet is fake.

Kaiser Leo spoke with One Angry Gamer where he stated, “Yes, now that the heads are cooled down I believe someone did said it but not her. So far I think it is a case of misdirection.”

I would reach out to Kaiser Leo as well. He definitively told me, “The image of the tweet is fake.” He added, “My response was for another tweet.” He concluded, “We concluded that it was made up in order to get people rail up on both sides.”

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston would also report, “We have been told by Marvel representatives that while here [sp?] earlier tweets did come up and were discussed, the ‘Stan Lee’ fake tweet did not.”

With this new evidence, it definitely appears that the alleged tweet attacking Stan Lee is doctored and fake.

What do you make of this situation?