Rumor: Green Lantern Show Starring David Ramsey Pitched to The CW

Arrow is wrapping up its almost decade-long tenure on The CW and will leave the door open for a few possible spinoffs to take its place. One of those could star DC’s other emerald knight, however, there would be a new angle to it.

Sources close to We Got This Covered say a spinoff starring David Ramsey as not Spartan but, in fact, Green Lantern was pitched to the network. Ramsey would still play Diggle; he just becomes the Lantern Corps’ new protector of Earth, designated by Oa as Sector 2814.

Diggle’s status as a Lantern on other Earths, and that he is a double for John Stewart, was a fan theory before being adopted as Arrowverse canon in the Elseworld’s crossover. John Wesley Shipp’s Barry Allen from Earth-90 recognized John and wondered why he wasn’t wearing his ring — a clear reference to the Corps.

John Stewart wielded a green power ring in the comics before and became very popular as the Green Lantern in Justice League Unlimited and the larger DC Animated Universe. Ramsey is also rumored to bear the ring in the next crossover — Crisis on Infinite Earths — as John Stewart. (Related: Report: CW Crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths Will Feature DCEU Characters Plus Lynda Carter, Burt Ward, and Tom Welling!)

A Green Lantern spinoff being pitched doesn’t mean it is greenlit. Katie Cassidy Rodgers (Laurel and Black Canary on Arrow) said she pitched a new Birds of Prey series as an Arrow spinoff. Chances of that might be helped or hurt by the movie coming out in February.

Green Lantern Movie Plans

The same goes for a Green Lantern pitch which could be hurt by plans for a Green Lantern Corps movie that’s been in the pipeline for a while. JJ Abrams, as we reported, might have his own designs for a Green Lantern feature whether that involves the Corps or not. (Related:Report: J.J. Abrams Might Be the Next to Take on Superman and Green Lantern)

A Green Lantern Corps film was officially announced via Geoff Johns’ Mad Ghost Productions website. The site confirmed the planned film will feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart as Green Lanterns. (Related: Green Lantern Corps Film Characters Officially Confirmed!)

In a press release DC revealed the film would be based off Johns’ Green Lantern run in the comics which included the Sinestro Corps War, War of the Green Lanterns, Green Lantern: Agent Orange, Green Lantern: RebirthRevenge of the Black HandGreen Lantern: No FearBlackest Night and more. However, no word on this film has been heard since June of last year. It’s quite possible the new Abrams deal might supersede Johns’ planned Green Lantern Corps movie.

Warner Bros. may be hesitant to get bogged down in too many GL projects at once. Ryan Reynolds’ stab at the cosmic adventurer floundered critically and commercially, failing to launch the Extended Universe.

WGTC’s coverage of new shows was accurate in the case of Ms. Marvel which is happening for Disney+. (Related:Report: Ms. Marvel Disney+ Series in Development)

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