Report: Sony and Disney to Continue Negotiating Spider-Man’s Future, Meeting Set for This Week

We may not have heard the last of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe as many feared after the announcement Sony was taking the web-slinger back. A new report says they and Disney are returning to the negotiating table.

We Got This Covered is saying the two sides will meet this week to talk about the Webhead’s future. According to the report, they are “working on renewing their partnership over the character” and things look positive, say their sources. (Related: Report: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Out Of MCU & Marvel and Sony Fail to Reach Deal)

That said, there could still be a caveat to the whole thing. WGTC also reports a new deal has to be set in stone by mid-2020 or else Sony will move forward with their own plans. The reason is Sony wants to start work on their third Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland by then. Since the studio and Disney have released Holland’s standalone films every two years up to now, Sony may want to stay with that pattern.

Last week, TVO of the Lords of the Longbox on YouTube also said the two studios were still talking and could reach a new agreement within a few weeks. He and his source, The Black Knight, cautioned business is “fragile” and talks could break down again. (Related: Rumor: Sony and Disney Still in Talks Over Tom Holland’s Spider-Man & Deal Could Be Signed Within A Week)

TVO shared another rumor prior that a new deal was offered and was going to be announced at D23 but that expo came and went with no new agreement. (Related: Rumor: Marvel and Disney Offer New Deal to Sony to Keep Spider-Man in MCU)

Sony and Disney’s agreement to share Spidey and place him in the MCU fell apart suddenly last month with Sony placing blame on the House of Mouse. Reportedly, they wanted a greater share of the revenue from box-office receipts than the five percent they were getting and requested an upward of 50%.

In the wake of the split, a “disappointed” Sony and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige spoke as if the working relationship was done for good and Tom Holland said whatever comes next for Spider-Man would be different. (Related: Tom Holland: ‘The Future For Spider-Man Will Be Different’)

Regardless of what happens, Sony wants to incorporate Holland into their established continuity and let him mix it up with Venom down the line. Their plans will continue.

Sony’s next Spider-Verse movie is Morbius, out summer 2020, starring Jared Leto and Matt Smith. Venom 2, directed by Andy Serkis and introducing Carnage, shall follow and a sequel to Into the Spider-Verse is expected as well.

What do you think the odds are Sony and Disney will reach a new deal? Leave your thoughts below.

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