Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld on DC Comics: “Just Vaporize It and Begin Again”

Deadpool, Cable, and Young Blood creator Rob Liefeld called for DC Comics to vaporize their continuity and start over.

Liefeld took to Twitter to write, “Time for new Crisis at DC….just vaporize it and begin again. Use Marv Wolfman’s un-used outline from 1985.”

Not only did Liefeld advocate for DC Comics to vaporize and then relaunch their continuity, but he teased that he’s got a Superman story up his sleeve that would not be boring. However, he noted that there will need to be a regime change at DC Comics in order for the story to have a chance.

He would also share an article from Deadline noting that WarnerMedia Chief John Stankey was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of AT&T. AT&T owns WarnerMedia and DC Comics. Liefeld stated, “Save DC Comics!”

Liefeld didn’t just criticize DC Comics. He critiqued the entire comic book industry. He described much of the comics that hit shelves today as “bloated, over written blather.”

He also stated that “many of today’s comics fail to fulfill their promise or premise. So much teasing.”

Liefeld has openly criticized DC Comics in the past. In June, Liefeld predicted DC Comics was going to drive off a cliff. (Related: Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld: “DC Comics Gonna Drive Off a Cliff Here Real Soon”)

He also stated the company was in disarray and criticized their reliance on Batman.

While Liefeld criticized DC Comics, he wasn’t against teasing an Image Comics and DC Comics crossover featuring Liefeld’s Extreme characters. He also revealed he had been talking to DC Comics about doing a Thundarr the Barbarian series. (Related: Rob Liefeld Defends DC Comics Comments – Teases Image Comics and DC Comics Crossover)

What do you make of Liefeld’s most recent comics concerning DC Comics and the current state of comic books?


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