Jon Del Arroz Launches Flying Sparks Vol. 3 KickStarter

Jon Del Arroz recently launched his Flying Sparks Vol. 3 crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter.

Flying Sparks Volume 3: Choices is a 72-page fully colored book that stars Chloe Anderson a.k.a. Meta-Girl and Johnny Benvinutti. This third volume will see Meta-Girl caught in the clutches of an evil corporate goon named Peter Buxton while she investigates the Buxton Corporation’s strange plans. (Related: Interview: Sparks Ignite with Jon Del Arroz)

Meanwhile, Johnny finds himself in the middle a of a deadly gang war. He will work to recapture his family’s old territory while also asserting himself as the new don. To top it all off, Johnny and Chloe’s relationship is on the rocks, and he’s going to have to work to win her back.

Del Arroz promises this third volume will reveal a secret identity and change the lives of his main characters. He described the third volume as “the Romeo and Juliet of superheroes.” He adds, “The drama and intensity of volume 3 is off the charts, with deadly secrets revealed–and no turning back for our intrepid protagonists!”

Del Arroz tells me Flying Sparks is part of a “true indie revolution in being able to replace Marvel/DC with regular installments of professional quality story.”

The book is written by Jon Del Arroz and features artwork by Jethro Morales and colors by Sanju Nivangune and Levy Ramirez. There are also multiple covers that you can choose from. The main cover features art work by Julius Abrera and Brett R. Smith.


There is also a Pillow Fight variant cover by Miss Sashi.

Meta-Girl Pillow Fight

Del Arroz shared with us exclusive artwork from Flying Sparks Vol. 3: Choices. Take a look:

While this KickStarter campaign is primarily for Flying Sparks Vol. 3: Choices, Del Arroz does have combo packages available for readers to purchase the first and second volumes as well. Backers also have the option to get Flying Sparks T-shirts and posters. Del Arroz is also offering to sign any of his novels. (Related: Nasty Personal Attack Against Jon Del Arroz Appears in Dynamite Comics and Atari’s ‘Centipede’ Comic)

The campaign also has a number of stretch goals. The first stretch goal has already been unlocked and will add three individual chapter covers to the books.

The second stretch goal will be unlocked at $10,000 and will see back art for the book done by Jethro Morales. In total there are 15 stretch goals that feature a number of perks from a cosplay photoshoot of Miss Sashi as Meta-Girl to a Meta-Man old-time radio drama audio production.

The campaign has currently raised $9,765 from 197 backers. The original goal was $6,000. You can back the campaign on KickStarter here.

**Editor’s Note: Jon Del Arroz has contributed to Bounding Into Comics in the past with a number of comic book reviews**

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