Peter Capaldi, who played the Twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who from 2014-15, was recently cast in The Suicide Squad in an unknown role. Production starts in a few weeks and we are getting a better idea of what he might be doing.

He was at Fan Expo Canada 2019 sporting a shorter hairstyle and shed light on his next project although he didn’t specify it was James Gunn’s DC movie. Capaldi said he was getting his head shaved and fitted for prosthetics but couldn’t say much more. The actor explained:

“At the moment, I can’t tell you, not because I don’t want to tell you, because I’m not allowed to tell you. But I am going to be completely bald. So they started it because they have to do some prosthetics. So they had to take my hair back. I said, ‘Can you leave a little bit because I’m going to Toronto? And I want to look good for the people there.’ So they left a little bit. We did some head casts and stuff. When I go home, it’s going to go again, all the way.”

Then, in an answer similar to Gunn’s in regard to whether this Suicide Squad is a reboot, Capaldi reiterated everyone should be patient about receiving the full scoop. All will be revealed when ready. (Related: James Gunn Answers Whether The Suicide Squad is a Reboot)

Said Capaldi:

“Yeah. I am not telling you because I don’t want to. In fact, curb your enthusiasm, is what I would say [laughs]. It will be what it will be.”

In the meantime, there is fervent speculation. Theories range from Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze to the obscure Spider Jerusalem. But one theory is most interesting because it dips into the information we reported here.

Thomas Polito, a writer for The Geeks WorldWide, theorized Capaldi’s casting has something to do with a character description GWW reported on looking for a muscular female to play an alien. (Related: The Suicide Squad: An Alleged Leaked Audition Sample May Reveal Plot Details)

Psimon is the telepathic villain Dr. Simon Jones, a physicist working on interdimensional contact. When Jones made contact with the Teen Titan Raven’s father, Trigon, he was gifted psychic powers to destroy the Earth. His scalp is transparent and you can see clear through to his brain so playing Jones would require visual effects or prosthetics.

Created in the 80s by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Psimon has little to do with the Suicide Squad but he has fought and tried to control the mind of Miss Martian, particularly on the Young Justice animated series. It’s possible the white Martian known as M’gann M’orzz is the alleged creature in the prison rumored to be a central part of the plot. If so, she may be under Psimon’s thrall as his weapon.

A few months back, James Gunn shared his first sketches to Instagram. One was of a snarling creature. Though we identified it as a rough outline of King Shark, Gunn’s sketch has a resemblance to the feral M’gann artwork in Polito’s tweet. (Related: The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Shares First Storyboard Drawing — Is It King Shark??)

Plot details are scarce but, like Capaldi said, The Suicide Squad “will be what it will be” soon enough.

What’s your opinion of the above theory? Tell us below.

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