Rumor: Wolverine vs. Hulk Movie to Introduce Alpha Flight

A new rumor provides further details about a possible Wolverine vs. Hulk film from Marvel Studios that will introduce Alpha Flight.

An earlier rumor indicated that a Wolverine vs. Hulk film was in the works, but now we are getting more details on what this Wolverine vs. Hulk film could be about. (Related: Rumor: Wolverine vs Hulk Movie in the Works)

This new rumor comes from the Lords of the Longbox YouTube channel, and more specifically Mikey Sutton.

TVO reveals more details from his conversation with Mikey Sutton:

“The Immortal Hulk will not be alone when facing Weapon X in the Canadian wilderness. So the story is that through some mechanism they are going to send the Hulk into Canada to retrieve Wolverine. When he does show up in Canada to get Wolverine…he’s going to meet up with [Alpha Flight].”

He adds:

“Alpha Flight is rumored to be in this Hulk vs Wolverine movie. Alpha Flight is also searching for him so they don’t get the impression that the Hulk will get along with them.”

From what we can gather, the Canadian Mutant Superhero team is also looking for Wolverine, and as they meet Hulk they rub each other the wrong way, and a battle happens between the team and the Big Green Guy. Probably a misunderstanding between the two, as is usually the case in these comic book movies. See the first Avengers.

Wolverine and the Alpha Flight

Wolverine vs. Hulk is a callback to the Logan/James Howlett first appearance in The Incredible Hulk comic #180-181. In this comic, Wolverine was a part of the Alpha Flight team.

It was some time later in the comics that Wolverine is reintroduced as a recruit of Professor Xavier after the original X-Men members are captured. He joins the roster of mutants Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird, and Sunfire, under the leadership of Cyclops in Giant Size X-Men #1.

It was some time well into the run of X-Men that writers wanted to go deeper into the origins of Wolverine and delved more into his Canadian roots. Enter Department H and the Canadian team known as Alpha Flight. They originally go after Wolverine because he was one of their original members. And the Canadian government had gone to great expense in training him. (Related: Eric July Rips CBR Writer Wanting to Change She-Hulk Origin)

The Alpha Flight members comprised of Sasquatch, Northstar, Snowbird, Shaman, Guardian, Aurora, Puck, and Marrina. The Canadian superhero team was created by John Byrne and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #120 in 1979. They served as the super-powered division of Canada’s Department of National Defense, a fictional agency called Department H. They were originally part of the backstory for Wolverine in 1983, but garnered enough popularity with readers to have their own series of comic books until 1994.

The Incredible Hulk vs. Canada

Its panning out to be Hulk versus pretty much any Canadian mutant who crosses his path. There is a hint of this kind of hubris in Bruce Banner/Professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame when the Hulk confronts the Ancient One. This Banner/Hulk is intent on achieving his goal of getting the Time Stone, despite what it might mean for the timeline he crossed into. The Ancient One had to separate the two in order to reason with him.

It isn’t far-fetched to believe that Hulk could rub people the wrong way. But we probably won’t see Hulk go into full rage mode on Alpha Flight. In fact, he’ll probably be defending himself against their attacks. He’ll be putting them in their place without harming them too much. (Related: Rumor: General Thunderbolt Ross and Red Hulk to Appear in She-Hulk Disney+ Series)

If the writing adapts these two comic book arcs, it could be a way of introducing the Wolverine into the MCU using Hulk. And it could be a way of introducing the larger world of mutants in Alpha Flight. We already have a proud Canadian playing a mutant who is proudly featured by Disney/Marvel as well. If anything, Ryan Reynolds would give up whatever he has to show up in that movie, just to be in that scene.

The Uncanny Story Involving Canadians

Some will find this idea to be absolute bonkers. But years ago, we never thought we would have a cinematic franchise where Spider-Man is holding the Infinity Gauntlet while webbed up to Mjolnir flying through a battlefield of Chitauri and Outriders. Then he’s blasted out of the sky by Thanos’ ship and gets saved by Valkyrie riding a Pegasus. I’m saying that comic book movies throw a lot of the “reasonable” out the window just to achieve that scene.

Needless to say, we’ve experienced a lot through the Marvel Cinematic Universe Films. So a Wolverine vs. Hulk film featuring Alpha Flight isn’t completely out of the question. (Related: She-Hulk Rumor: The Abomination and The Leader to be Featured Villains)

But what do you think about this rumor of Wolverine and the Hulk recreating this classic moment from the comics? How about the possible introduction of Alpha Flight? Sound off in the comments below or let’s talk about it on social media!

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