Warner Bros. might attempt to put right what went wrong with Poison Ivy back in 1997 in Batman & Robin. Though played by Uma Thurman of Kill Bill and Gattaca, her portrayal left a lot to be desired and the character never quite recovered — at least in the same way the Batman franchise bounced back after a decade.

A source close to We Got This Covered told the site a reboot of Ivy is in store for a Gotham City Sirens movie and WB has someone in mind they might cast. Pop singer Rihanna is a name reportedly on their shortlist and, oddly enough, she’s been associated with Ivy before. (Related: Suicide Squad Director David Ayer’s Latest Meeting Sheds Light on Potential Gotham City Sirens Movie)

Last year, Rihanna sparked speculation she could become Poison Ivy after posing among some plants in a green bra and gloves. This inspired graphic artist Boss Logic, renowned for his mock-ups of celebrities in superhero roles, to create a rendering of the singer as the fauna-controlling eco-terrorist. (Related: Sexy Rihanna Photo Inspires Poison Ivy Fan Casting!)

Other actresses used as models for Ivy include IT Chapter Two’s Jessica Chastain and Casino Royale Bond Woman Eva Green.

Rihanna is an actress and been in a few big movies, starting with Battleship in 2012. She had starring roles in Oceans 8 and the comic-based sci-fi fantasy epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets from Luc Besson. That none of those films was very well-received doesn’t inspire confidence but the Barbados-born entertainer could always turn things around.

Warner’s eyeing of her is part of a trend of race-swapping characters. Jurnee Smollett-Bell is the Extended Universe’s Black Canary in Birds of Prey and Matt Reeves is rumored to be searching for an ethnic actress to play Catwoman in The Batman. (Related: Rumor: Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Could Feature a Catwoman of Color or Mixed Race)

WGTC says it’s unclear if an offer was made or if Rihanna is even interested. And they don’t doubt their source who has been accurate in other cases.

Poison Ivy has been a major player in Gotham City for decades now. She played a prominent role in Batman The Animated Series and is a stalwart of DC’s Animated Universe. Her most recent turn in live-action came on the small screen as part of Gotham. Renamed Ivy Pepper, she was added to Batman’s origin. (Related: Batman’s Long-Awaited Arrival on Gotham is Unveiled in New Footage)

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