Twitch has been on a ban spree lately.

In the past few weeks, they’ve banned someone for cosplay, parody, and for being carjacked.

You did not read that wrong.

We detailed streamer Quqco’s ban for her Chun-Li cosplay a week or two ago, but Twitch decided to up the ante. (Related: Twitch Streamer Quqco Suspended for Street Fighter Chun-Li Cosplay)


Back on September 15th, IRL streamer BeesOnMyHeadTV was banned for being shot at and carjacked on his September 14th stream.Β He has since been unbanned as of September 18th, but people are still scratching their heads about Twitch’s methods.

Common sense says that the Vod of the stream should’ve been pulled since it was evidence in a crime, but Twitch decided to strike the entire channel. Twitch’s reasoning was that it was for the broadcaster’s protection. Backlash immediately followed, finally resulting in the restoration of BeesOnMyHeadTV’s channel.


On the heels of Amouranth’s wardrobe malfunction ban, Twitch streamer Grizz was banned for parodying the infamous incident. (Related: Report: Twitch Bans Amouranth For Nudity)

He recreated everything on point, from playing with his dog on the ground, to wearing loose shorts with fake genitals hanging out of them. The parody was very funny, and although it generated memes and poked harmless fun, Twitch didn’t get the joke. As of yesterday, Grizz has been unbanned, the ban lasted for about 3 days.

He apologized for the parody after the ban.

“I was banned recently for a joke/parody that I did on stream. Now that I think about it and reflect on it, it wasn’t really that funny, kind of inappropriate. So, I do apologize if I upset anybody.”


Finally, popular streamer CinCinBear was banned for simply wearing a sports bra.

According to a screenshot from Dexerto, the variety streamer alleged on her Discord that she was banned over wearing a sports bra:

β€œI got banned for the day cuz wearing a sports bra is against TOS. I wasn’t gonna stream today anyways. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

The ban was lifted on September 22nd.

The amount of bans lately and the uneven severity and length has caused a stir amongst the streaming community. The optics of this certainly don’t reflect well on Twitch. It makes Twitch appear to be reactionary, indecisive, and lacking due diligence to investigate and gather facts.

The growing consensus on social media is that alternative streaming platforms are better options.

One thing is for certain, Twitch better come up with a clear and uniform TOS that it stands by, or streamers will continue to leave in droves.

Is this the beginning of Twitch’s decline? Share your thoughts, gamers.

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