Boycott Blizzard Trends on Twitter

Boycott Blizzard is now trending on Twitter. In fact, alongside the main Blizzard trend it’s the 6th most popular topic in the United States.

The reason it is trending because Blizzard decided to ban the winner of their Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament after he came out in support of Hong Kong protestors in a post-game interview. The casters were also fired by Blizzard after they encouraged to come out in support of the protestors.

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Here’s what people are saying under the trending keyword and it’s a diverse group from the writer of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to Oregon Senator Ron Wyden to former Blizzard employee and World of Warcraft team lead Mark Kern.

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What do you make of the reaction fans are having towards Blizzard and their ban of their Hearthstone Grandmasters winner?

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