The Rotten Tomatoes audience score is in for The CW’s Batwoman series and it is not pretty at all. And it’s just as bad on Metacritic.

Rotten Tomatoes

The audience score currently sits at 11%. The average rating is 1.2 out of 5 with a 952 total reviews.

And not only is the score in the dumpster fire, but the user reviews are just as bad.

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Here’s what people are saying about the show:

Gwalt Z gives the show a half star. They write, “This show was really bad. I do not think I will be watching the next episode.”

Houssin F gives the show a half star. They write, “The laziest writing I have ever seen. I was expecting a strong character of Batwoman something like Sara Lance or Thea Queen… The acting is even worse. A cheap show. I don’t think it will last for long. Build a character. Fix the story.”

Paul C gives the show a half star, “Was this show deliberatly made badly? Why did the producers hire people who cannot write? Or act? Would people really pay tens of thousands to hire security to watch an old film in a park? Did Sophie marry someone so that she could cheat on them with Kate? Was it for the alimony or giggles? Do job sites in the US have huts with beds in them? How do plants in locked offices grow and survive for five years without water? Who moved the Batcave from Wayne Mannor? Can you really put a Batcave under a skyscraper? There pretty heavy!! Batman really let more of his family die? REALLY???? In a universe where superman was gonna kill Batman to save his mum!! Cause FAMILY !!! Writer’s of this show……… Stand in the corner facing the wall and think about what you did…. Sorry, I’m out……”

Serg J gives the show a half star. They write, “This is a political stunt bending over identity politics. The script is garbage who wrote this crap! Watch at your own discretion, first episode wasn’t promising for the lifespan of Batwoman.”

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Dan G gives the show a half star. He writes, “WOW, she steal all of Batman’s stuff and takes credit for it, then claims that others are taking credit. Wait, what? The worst show on TV right now, do not waste your precious time on this one.”

Erica C gives the show a half star. She writes, “God aweful. What a waste of my time.”

Mi D gives the show three stars. They write, “its alright, I hope it gets better.”

Thomas M gives the show a half star. He writes, “Worst Batman-related movie/tv show ever. Instead of being about Batgirl comics, Someone had this idea to change everything about her, even made her a thief and steal from Batman when he is gone. Then have her claim she made the Batgirl stuff and look her self and didn’t need Batman’s help. Sad DC allowed this to be made. It should be pulled off the air and rewritten by someone who knows DC comics and doesn’t have a political chip on their shoulder. Now some of the actors are really good ” can’t blame them for the bad script ” . They could have found a better actor with more talent who would have made Batgirl stand out for the right reason.”

Gee W gives the show a half star. They write, “Its sad how out of touch this show is, compared to the actual fanbase.”


The Metacritic User Score sits at 1.6 with 6 positive reviews, 1 mixed review, and 43 negative reviews.

Here’s what users are saying on Metacritic:

Musthyzz gives the show a 1. They write, “Believe the cringe. Cringe, Cringe and cringe again. Also to whoever directed this: SHOW, DON’T TELL!”

Bloodvoodoo gives the show a 0. They write, “For anybody reading this: DO NOT WATCH THIS. Save your precious time and use it on something worthy. This show is filled with political correctness that is jammed down your throat the whole time.”

Korristo88 gives the show a 1. They write, “another tolerant **** for the mentally retarded. In fact, like the rest of the series in this service.”

AceAscendus gives the show a 0. They write, “Absolutely horrible, waste of time and money. This isn’t batman… this is some lesbian fanfiction! :(”

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A_Yuki gives the show a 1. They write, “Horrible show full of hate. full of SJW, full of NPC, full of PC! This is pure propaganda! It is a very woke tv show! I do not recommend it at all. “I’m not gonna let a man take credibility for a woman’s work” *She steals everything that belong to Batman*”

Superman_94 gives the show a 0. They write, “Panders to critics and their contemporary quota of trashy political statements needed to be made for good reviews. VERY woke, VERY in your face with it’s message it tries to portray about gender. Tramples all over what Batwoman should be and all it’s source material. Oh, and the boy they cast as Batwoman can’t act.”

ScienceAdvisor gives the show a 4. They write, “They have double listed this as both Batwoman and Batwoman: Season 1 for some reason. The show is pure mediocrity with poor writing, directing, acting, and plot. The misandry is palpable, but seems to be in-line with Supergirl and what they turned The Flash into.”

sporty360 gives the show a 0. They write, “This show royally stinks! Horrible! I wish I could actually rate this negatively number wise. Don’t waste your time.”

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Johnnysmuth gives the show a 1. They write, “I told myself to forget about the terrible trailer and promos and give it a fair shake. Sadly the show insisted to then disappoint from the get-go. The very beginning gives us a scene that makes absolutely no sense and it never stops delivering on an abundance of hamfisted expositions and plot devices that make no sense other than “This scene needs to play out this way to further the plot, so everyone leaves their brain on hold.” Even for a CW show the writing is basement level.”

Did you see Batwoman? What did you think of it?

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