The CW’s Batwoman premiere had significantly less viewership than the respective premieres of other CW shows like Flash and Arrow.

According to TV Line, Batwoman premiered to an audience of 1.8 million total viewers. Interestingly enough, the spin on the numbers was that this was good. TV Line reported these numbers were “up 20 percent in audience from Supergirl’s year-ago season opener in the time slot, while steady in the demo.”

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However, if you actually compare the show’s premiere to the premiere of other CW superhero shows like Arrow and Flash, those numbers don’t really look that good.

The Flash’s Season 1 premiere in 2014 saw 4.83 million viewers tune in. Arrow’s Season 1 premiere in 2012 saw 4.14 million total viewers.

Black Lightning’s Season 1 premiere also beat Batwoman with 2.305 million total viewers.

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Supergirl’s Season 2 premiere on The CW, saw 3.063 million viewers. The first season aired on CBS and the premiere saw 12.955 million total viewers.

Legends of Tomorrow also aired with 3.214 million total viewers for its first episode.

That makes Batwoman the worst Arrowverse superhero premiere on The CW ever. Even looking at TVLine’s spin, it’s not very good. The premiere of a brand new superhero show only did 20% better than Supergirl in Season 4!

Nerdrotic’s Gary Buechler discusses this as well:

Now, The CW did air an encore of Batwoman that saw 1.1 million total viewers watch it. If we assume these are all new viewers that means the total viewers would be 2.9 million between the two shows. That’s still worse than every single superhero premiere on The CW except for Black Lightning.

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It’s more than likely the show’s audience will contract moving forward. By the season 1 finale of Legends of Tomorrow the total audience was down to 1.85 million, Flash was down to 3.869 million, Arrow was down to 2.77 million, Supergirl’s season 2 finale was down to 2.12 million, and Black Lightning was down to 1.678 million.

The show’s probably not in line for getting cancelled after it’s first season looking purely at the numbers. The CW cancelled iZombie after its fifth season with an average audience per episode of 654,000 folks.

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What do you make of Batwoman’s premiere numbers? Do you see this series having any legs on The CW?