New Set Photos Show Cast of The Suicide Squad in Costume, Hint at Major Character

Set photos from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad – filming down in Georgia – show the cast hanging around in costume. Some of them haven’t had their characters revealed yet but their outfits have people guessing. One particular person’s getup, Mayling Ng, indicates a major plot spoiler.

Just Jared posted over 40 photos online showing Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang on set with Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson and several others. They are Flula Borg, Nathan Fillion, Sean Gunn, and Ng.

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Moveeks shared a few of the pics on Twitter.

Davidson’s costume is decked out with guns and ammo, leading Just Jared and other outlets to affirm what fans have been thinking. Davidson is thought to be Savant, an evil-genius assassin with a greater connection to Birds of Prey. He made a few Suicide Squad appearances during Forever Evil (2011).

Fillion is under a mask and has a skull insignia with arms crossed over it on his chest. He might play throwaway villain Blackguard who fought Booster Gold in his first issue ever (Nov. 1985). Blackguard did join the Suicide Squad at one time and Fillion’s look is almost a dead ringer for Dan Jurgens art.


It’s also speculated Fillion is Arm-Fall-Off Boy. Either case is a far cry from Kevin Smith’s prediction of Batman or Green Lantern.

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Flula Borg’s color scheme and hair are reminiscent of Booster Gold but fans and sites have him pegged as Javelin, which would explain the staff weapon he is carrying around.

Sean Gunn is doing motion capture again, as he did for Guardians of the Galaxy. His role is unconfirmed but various reports suggest it is the Weasel, another villain from the 80s. Weasel went on one mission with the Suicide Squad and it didn’t end well for him.

Mayling Ng is reported as playing Mongal, daughter of the villain Mongul. Looking at Ng in the make-up side by side with an image from the comics, it’s hard to argue to the contrary.

Geeks WorldWide’s Thomas Polito tweeted such a comparison.

Mongal could be the fit female alien referred to in a character breakdown leaked earlier this year. If so, that makes it possible for Mongul to enter the picture as a villain. As the ruler of Warworld and the being that wiped out Coast City, Mongul presents a major threat.

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The female alien is rumored as a big part of The Suicide Squad’s plot. Polito of GWW wondered last month if Ng is the alien and she answered him, saying “You just have to wait ….and go see the movie.”

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait too long to find out she’s playing an alien. How important she is to a cast likely to be decimated is another story.

With all the attention she’s getting lately, Ng must play a bigger role than we think. She was spotted with Gunn and the cast before, out of costume. Gunn posted a photo on Instagram with himself and some of them, including Ng (on the far right), in late September.

See the photo below.

We will know everything by the time The Suicide Squad hits theaters on Aug. 2021.

What do you think? Who are these actors playing? Tell us your theories below.

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