Men In Black Writer Ed Solomon Offered To Clear Up Questions About The Film, Asked Not to Mansplain By Woman

Ed Solomon, the writer for the original Men In Black film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, offered to explain the origins of the film to two individuals at a cafe. Instead, he was asked not to mansplain to them.

Currently, Ed Solomon is in post-production as the writer for the latest Bill & Ted film, Bill & Ted Face the Music. Other than writing the first two original Bill & Ted films he wrote 2000’s Charlie’s Angels, Imagine That, and Now You See Me. He’s a well-established writer with a number of hits to his credit.

Solomon took to Twitter to tell the story about his interaction at the cafe.

He wrote, “At the cafe where I’m writing the people next to me were disagreeing about the origins of Men in Black & I said “if you’d like, I could clear that up for you” & one responded: “I’m sorry, we do not need an old white male’s mansplanation.” So I apologized and that was that.”

Solomon added, “And by the way – it’s not like that was the first that was said; we’d actually exchanged small talk about various things over the course of their meal and my work.”

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Solomon would then detail that the woman’s friend did apologize as they were leaving the cafe.

He then detailed that he had never heard of the world “manspanation” before, and the woman’s friend noted that she used the word “explanation” and Solomon might have misheard.

Shortly after the thread went viral, thanks in part to Reddit and other sites, the woman in question reached out to Solomon after realizing she was the person he was referring to.

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Solomon details that her message to him “was so sweet.” He even details “she really made me laugh at the end cause she said basically ‘PS which one of us was right, me or my friend?” Solomon notes that she was right.

This exchange just shows that you never know who might be overhearing a debate between you and your friend about your favorite film.

Bill and Ted Face the Music is expected to be released on August 21st, 2020.

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