Alleged Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Leaks Detail Changes Made in Reshoots

Alleged Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker leaks detail the changes made in reshoots by Lucasfilm and Disney.

The leak comes from Instagram user Bespin Bulletin based off Reddit leaks from user JediPaxis.

Bespin Bulletin first reports that the reported Luke and Leia training scene that was originally supposed to appear in the beginning of the movie has either been cut or moved. The beginning of the film will now take place on the planet Exogol and will see a fleet of Sith Star Destroyers rise up from the ground.

They also report the alleged oracle scene with Kylo Ren has been removed. Instead, he will now come across a chest that contains an object called the wayfinder. Kylo will also experience some kind of flashback where he hears the voices of Luke and Han Solo before hearing Palpatine call out to him. They have also apparently toned down Kylo Ren’s savagery when it comes to killing natives of the planet where the chest is located.

As for Rey’s training on the forest planet, she will apparently be attempting to communicate to Jedi who have become one with the Force and is training her mind and body to do so. Like Luke on Dagobah, Rey will become frustrated with her training and even chop down a tree that falls on BB-8. She will also attempt to communicate with Luke, but will fail. She will also attempt to give Leia, Luke’s old lightsaber.

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When Kylo Ren first confronts Emperor Palpatine, Kylo will be angry and even threatens Palpatine. However, the Emperor will be undeterred by Kylo Ren. He doesn’t refute that he died on the Death Star, but he also mocks Kylo Ren’s “Let the Past Die” ideas. In fact, Palpatine details that the past is the key to the future and references Rey’s lineage, the construction of the Sith Fleet seen in the opening scene, and the fact that the Empire needs a ruler.

One big change is Palpatine no longer references the idea of a Force dyad.

The leaks then shift toward the Resistance. The Resistance are being fed information from General Hux regarding the First Order’s plans through a middle man called Boolio. Boolio details that Snoke rose to power in the unknown regions and was not a pawn of Emperor Palpatine. He also reveals the Sith Fleet. Upon hearing about the fleet, Finn worries the First Order will begin kidnapping children in order to man it.

After Boolio details his information to the Resistance, Kylo Ren has become aware that there is a mole with the First Order. He tosses around Boolio, but plans to use the mole in an attempt to draw out Rey. When an officer suggests that the Sith Fleet might be untrustworthy, Ren throws him into the ceiling.

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The Resistance discovers the Sith artifact through Luke’s notes that are found in the Jedi texts. They head to Pasaana to seek out a hermit Luke once know. While on Pasaana, Rey and Kylo connect through the force bond with Kylo taunting Rey about her parents and detailing that no one accepts her but him.

Rey attempts to warn her friends that the First Order knows of their location, but they are ambushed by a number of Stormtroopers. Fortunately, they are rescued by Lando Calrissian. After fleeing to safety, Lando details that he and Luke were actually tracking down Sith relics and a character named Ochi. Ochi apparently has some significant knowledge regarding wayfinders. Lando had tracked Ochi to Pasaana, but only discovered his ship there.

Lando also details his hunch that the First Order were attempting to turn children of Rebellion heroes into Stormtroopers as an act of revenge for the fall of the Empire.

After relaying his information, the First Order appears to have tracked them down and Lando says the iconic line, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” He and the rest of the Resistance fighters flee on speeders as they are pursued by the First Order and the Knights of Ren.

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While a number of them escape, those on the Millennium Falcon including Chewbacca are detained.

They eventually discover that Ochi was a Sith assassin and uncover he wielded a dagger which has writing on it. Rey details it was Sith tradition for assassins to put secrets on their weapons. C-3PO can apparently read the inscription, but is unable to translate because his programming forbids it.

The leak then details the relationship between Keri Russell’s Zorii Bliss and Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron. Apparently, the two were spice runners and Poe still owes her some money. A fight breaks out, and Rey subdues Zorri Bliss and takes them to the droid wizard Babu Frik.

From there, Poe and Zorri reminiscence about their spice running days. She eventually hands over a First Order security medallion that will allow them to get through security. But when asked to join the Resistance she refuses.

Rey senses that Chewbacca is still alive on the Millennium Falcon that has since been moved to Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer. They hatch a plan to try and rescue Chewbacca. While on the Star Destroyer, Rey finds Ochi’s dagger. Much like when she picked up Luke’s lightsaber in The Force Awakens, she has a vision. The vision shows her Ochi assassinating her parents as they attempt to hide her.

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Kylo Ren then confronts Rey and details that Ochi was meant to take Rey away, but her parents interceded. Kylo then reveals Rey’s real lineage.

After uncovering the mole, Pryde, a new First Order leader, kills General Hux and informs Kylo of the location of the Resistance. Rey and company will somehow escape the Star Destroyer.

The film will then switch to The Resistance and show use the death of Leia. Earlier leaks indicated Luke would appear, but that has since been removed. R2D2 will be there for her.

Following Leia’s death, Palpatine grows more confident.

There is then a flashback scene with Rey training with Luke on Ahch-To. It will also be revealed that Luke and Leia both knew of Rey’s lineage. Apparently, Luke did not want to train her because of her lineage. However, there will be a message it’s not about what’s in your genes, it’s about what is in your heart. It will also be revealed that Rey inspired Leia to rejoin the Jedi path.

Rey and the Resistance crew will then return to the forest planet and mourn Leia’s passing. However, the outlook is grim. But Lando will provide some encouraging words.

In an apparent change from the reshoots, Rey will no longer transmit coordinate to the Resistance at-large. Instead the new droid D-O will reveal how to get to Exogol.

After uncovering how to get Exogol, the Millennium Falcon and the Resistance fleet head off in different directions.

Upon arriving at Exogol and encountering Palpatine, Rey is about to strike him down. However, she senses Ben Solo losing a fight with the Knights of Ren. She initiates a Force Bond and passes a lightsaber to him, which allows him to defeat the Knights of Ren.

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This foils Palpatine’s plan, which was to apparently have Rey kill him and takeover the Empire. However, he also had a contingency plan to drain the Force from both Rey and Ben Solo to rejuvenate himself.

As for the Resistance their plan is to take out a tower on Exogol that is transmitting a signal that allows the Emperor to control the Sith Fleet. However, the First Order intervenes and transfers the control beacon to their flagship.

The Resistance charge the flagship on Orbaks and win the day. However, Pryde notes their victory is fleeting as the First Order will simply transfer the signal to another ship.

While The Resistance is fighting the First Order, Rey is being drained of the Force. As she is being drained she attempts to reach out to Jedi who have become one with the Force. She is successful and the voices of Obi-Wan, Ahsoka Tano, and Leia can be heard. Force Ghosts will not be seen, but the voices imply they are with her in spirit.

The film and leaks conclude with Lando Calrissian arriving with reinforcements including Zorii Bliss. It’s why the Falcon goes a different direction. Along with the extra reinforcements, Finn attempts to block the First Order transferring the signal by turning the ship’s canons on itself. He’s successful.

And that’s the most recent plot leaks, and they appear to be confirmed by the most recent trailer which shows the Orbaks charging on the flagship. Rey holding Ochi’s dagger. Rey training in the forest. C-3PO being worked on by Babu Frikk. The Millennium Falcon leading the charge with an overwhelming amount of ships behind it.

What do you make of these most recent plot leaks? Are you interested in seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

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