The next game from Warner Bros. Games Montreal, rumored for months to be another installment in the Batman: Arkham series, has a name, potentially.

Gaming journalist and industry leaker Sabi put forth on Twitter the follow-up to the acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight could be called Arkham Legacy.

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Sabi then details that rumors regarding the Bat-Family being playable seem to be true.

Sabi cautions the info isn’t new and the title could change, but maintains the family will be an “important element,” adding the game reveal is unknown though it might be within a year:

What members of the Bat-Family gamers can expect isn’t clear. Batman-News notes the group is “rather large at this point.” They foresee “Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood,” and Batgirl as part of the fold but also remind us that probable “downloadable add-ons” could make things even more interesting.

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As far as villains, from what Sabi can tell us which isn’t a lot, we can count on the Court of Owls to bring their brand of evil to menace the Family, which could mean Talons – as many outlets and fans believe.

The Talons would make Batman’s familial relations even screwier if Lincoln March shows up. An assassin who ran for Mayor of Gotham and took up the identity of Owlman, March believed himself to be Bruce’s long lost brother, Thomas Wayne, Jr.


Sabi stopped there out of fear of Warner Bros.:

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Sabi’s claims are pure speculation but there is a record of accuracy to the leaks and information that come from the account. Still, specifics are unconfirmed.

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We’ve known a new DC game from WB Montreal was in the works since head designer there Osama Dorias confirmed it in August. The biggest hint it was based on Batman came last month when Arkham Origins voice actor Roger Craig Smith confirmed cheekily he was at work on something.

An unnamed Arkham sequel about Damian Wayne was in development only to get scrapped. Some very baroque concept and character art depicting the likes of Poison Ivy, Two-Face, and Grodd managed to surface online.

If Damian was to headline that, Arkham Legacy could be a continuation of the premise, just taken to the next level by gathering up more than a handful of the Bat’s closest partners.

Batman: Arkham Legacy, whether it’s ultimately called that or not, has no release date.

How do you feel? We welcome your opinions on the supposed new Arkham game below.

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