Concept art for an allegedly new Batman Arkham game starring Damian Wayne has leaked.

This planned sequel in the series has reportedly been scrapped, but the concept art is making rounds online.

A commentator for The Daily Wire shared some of it to his Twitter account. He posted photos of Two-Face, glimpses of Gotham, Poison Ivy and a woman he says is a female Black Mask. Check them out:

Also included in the collection of images is looks at the Batbike, Gorilla Grodd, Flamingo, The Penguin, older versions of Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne, and Damian Wayne, the alleged star of the story. The crop of art for the Batman game can also be found on Imgur. Imagery, along with some details, was originally posted to 4Chan by a leaker. The game was reportedly in development at WB Games Montreal before being canceled.

New Batman Game

This is suspiciously reminiscent of a rumor we reported on a week back that also brought up WB Montreal. A senior game designer there, Osama Dorias, confirmed he was working on a DC franchise but didn’t verify if it was Batman. (Related: Batman: Arkham Origins Developer Confirms New DC Comics Based Game in the Works)

Dorias’ project may be different from the one we’re talking about. Another Batman game said to be a “superhero creation game,” is reportedly in development from Arkham trilogy co-developer Rocksteady Studios. That one might also be the “super-secret AAA title” we heard about and it’s perfectly logical Rocksteady and WB Montreal would work together on it.

Superman and Suicide Squad

The last Batman game from the two studios was Arkham Knight in 2015. That same year, a Suicide Squad game was announced but never saw the light of day. Negative reaction to David Ayer’s movie and the dissolution of Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe could have played a part in the project’s quiet dismissal. (Related: James Gunn Answers Whether The Suicide Squad is a Reboot)

In 2018, rumors of a Superman game being unveiled at E3 never came to fruition either. Allegedly, it was really in development and had something to do with Big Blue fighting an invading Brainiac and his drones on the ground and in the sky.

What Is the Matter with Warner?

Warner Media is acting bizarrely when it comes to their comic book properties and it creeps into every area of their business. They hit the reset button on the DCEU, altering plans midstream and slashing budgets, which they still might be doing with their next slate.  (Related: Rumor: Dwayne Johnson to Play Namor and Henry Cavill to Play US Agent in the MCU)

Their merger with AT&T causes them to treat the DC brand as a second-class citizen, indistinguishable from the rest of the “lifestyle brands.” DC’s sales don’t exactly justify special recognition but Warner Media doesn’t demonstrate it cares either way or else they would take a vested interest in righting the ship and maintaining the catalog of legacy characters. (Related: Report: DC Comics Might Not Have a Future as Part of WarnerMedia Under AT&T)

They look like they care even less about DC Universe, save for one or two shows. Titans is granted a second season and we waited for word of the same for Doom Patrol. News didn’t come until the press release for HBO Max, a streaming service they swear won’t conflict with DC Universe, despite signs to the contrary– i.e., Swamp Thing’s drastic episode reduction and still-unexplained cancellation. (Related: Report: WarnerMedia Won’t Touch DC Universe Despite Launch of New Streaming Service HBO Max)

Now this: a canceled sequel in a video game series fans wanted and that could have been effortlessly marketable on top of profitable. It’s as if Warner Media wants to fail.

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