Vague social media posts and redacted statements from insiders over the last few months indicate game developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal is working on a new title. Now a voice actor for the Batman Arkham series, with tongue in cheek, confirms they are developing something.

Roger Craig Smith, who took over as Batman for Kevin Conroy in Batman Arkham Origins, appeared to deny at first there is anything being developed. But, it’s rather obvious he was being sarcastic to potentially circumvent contractual silence.

Warner Bros.’ PR manager Gary Miereanu reached out to Smith and, thanking him, said they intend to “let the cat out of the bag reasonably soon.”

Smith didn’t allude to a DC product and, being prolific in the gaming voice world, he could be working on something else. He is the voice of another popular character, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic has a new game coming out as well. Ezio of Assassin’s Creed and Kyle Crane of Dying Light are also possible though unlikely, given their fates in their franchises.

What makes us suspect the game is based on a DC property is a tweet from WB Montreal lead game designer Osama Dorias in July. Dorias — in reply to Sarah Longthorne, a narrative designer at Sumo Digital in the UK —  said he was at work on a “DC franchise.” (Related: Batman: Arkham Origins Developer Confirms New DC Comics Based Game in the Works)

It doesn’t mean Dorias is working on Batman, but between Roger Craig Smith’s words and the undying obsession for all things Batman in general, the Dark Knight seems like the logical assumption. Likewise, an Arkham game makes the most sense.

Games for Batman and Superman were recently in development but abandoned. Concept art for the former, a Batman: Arkham sequel centering on Damian Wayne recently leaked. (Related: New Batman Arkham Concept Art Leaks — Game Reportedly Axed)

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