A new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker leak purportedly reveals the film’s ending.

The leak comes from Twitter user Daniel Stevenson on Twitter via the Price of Reason twitter account.

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The leak details that Rey and Kylo Ren will team up to confront the Emperor, but before Kylo Ren can reach Rey for the tag team team-up, he has to cut his way through the Knights of Ren using his blue lightsaber, of which a photo leaked shortly after the release of the final trailer.

After defeating the Knights of Ren and making his way to fight beside Rey against the Emperor, he is killed. The leak reveals Kylo Ren falls to his death.

With Kylo Ren defeated, Rey, who is revealed to be Palpatine’s granddaughter, faces off against him in one on one combat. The Emperor uses his Force Lightning abilities against Rey, who is now using two lightsabers, her own lightsaber and the one Kylo Ren dropped before falling to his death.

The leak continues noting that Rey is able to defeat the Emperor in one on one combat, a feat that no one else, aside from maybe Mace Windu has achieved. Darth Maul and Savage Oppress were both defeated by The Emperor when they attempted to tag team him. The Emperor even killed Savage Oppress in that fight.

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Vader had to use a surprise attack against the Emperor. He lifted him up from behind and then threw him down the central shaft of the Death Star. Luke never actually faced the Emperor, so it’s unclear if he would have been able to take him.

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After killing Palpatine, Rey travels to Tatooine where a local asks her what her name is. Rey replies, “I am Rey, Rey Skywalker.” The leak notes that Rey is not actually a Skywalker by blood, but decides to adopt the name.

This last bit of information regarding Rey traveling to Tatooine and revealing herself as a Skywalker appears to confirm a previous leak from Making Star Wars. That leak revealed that Rey returns to the homestead where Luke Skywalker grew up and was asked by a local what her name was. In response, she said, “Rey, Rey Skywalker.”

What do you make of this new leak?