The latest test screening for Wonder Woman 1984, held last month, is meeting with a mixed reaction that doesn’t bode well for the film.

According to Cosmic Book News, words thrown around to describe WW1984 include “goofy,” “slow,” and “plot-heavy.”

Matt McGloin writes:

“Redditors note this version of Wonder Woman 1984 received mixed reactions as some felt it came off really goofy, really campy and simple, with others offering it’s too slow and plot-heavy.”

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Not only did Redditors provide their reaction to this test screening, but they also revealed a number of alleged plot details.

Max Lord’s Powers

The source of Max’s powers is reportedly a magic stone. It can grant wishes but has a monkey’s paw effect that gives them an added curse. And the curses feed Max Lord’s power.

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Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

Diana gets Steve back by accidentally wishing him alive again. The problem is, as we reported months back, Steve is in the body of another man only she sees as Steve. Her wish also costs her some of her invincibility as bullets and knives can now hurt her.

But it might be much more than just her invincibility. One user who claims to have seen the test screening notes, “Diana is fairly powerless through most of the movie because she lost most of her powers due to making a wish on the stone, since it works like a Monkey’s Paw and each wish exacts a price from the wisher.”

They add, “So for most of the film she fights mainly using the lasso because it’s the only thing that hasn’t lost its power.”

And the lasso appears to have gotten an upgrade. It now has the ability to fire off bolts of lightning.

Also losing the power to fly, she and Steve go after Lord, McGloin swears, in a plane, which Diana can turn invisible. You probably saw that coming especially if you saw the set video from June 2018 which seemed to indicate Wonder Woman would be flying around in her iconic invisible jet.

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Cheetah’s Powers and Role

Lord’s rock also gives Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) the power of the Cheetah since she wants so badly to be a hero. The power Cheetah obtains allows her to “leap around at super speed and hurt people with her claws.”

They also add that Cheetah also “gains super strength, and there’s a scene (reminiscent of a scene with Bruce Willis in Unbreakable) where she clean and jerks about 1000lbs in the gym, to the amazement of everyone there.”

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However, they were not impressed with Wiig’s outfit or her powerset. They state:

“I didn’t find her particularly powerful or menacing looking (she just looks like Kristen Wiig in a cat suit, or as I like to call her, a “CATS reject.”)”

Nevertheless, Cheetah will play villain to Diana after she discovers Diana plans to apprehend Lord, which in turn would see her powers taken away.

Barbara eventually goes back to normal with everything else after a big fight where Max undoes his wishes by mistake.

Meet Steve Black

Steve goes away too, but that’s not the end for Steve’s unwitting host and Diana. McGloin explains with an analogy to a Brad Pitt movie:

“But we’re not done yet, as the flick apparently rips off of Meet Joe Black as the guy that Steve Trevor was possessing, he doesn’t remember anything, but strikes up a conversation with Diana — and she agrees to go out on a date with him!”

This sounds as ridiculous as Supergirl starring Helen Slater and that film came out in 1984.

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As ridiculous as these alleged plot leaks sound, there might be some credibility to it, as the alleged Wonder Woman 1984 test-screening leaks have been removed from its original post on Reddit with a message that reads, “Removed by Reddit in Response to a Copyright notice.”


Patty Jenkins Positive About Previous Test Screening

After a previous test screening in May, director Patty Jenkins was extremely positive and even noted she wanted to release the film earlier than its summer 2020 release date.

She stated:

“And now, I’ve just screened a version of the film and I’m like ‘Oh my God, can we move it back up again?’ I’m dying to release this film! But of course it’s good and it’s fine, but it’s frustrating to have to wait.”

The trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 premieres in Brazil this December.

Does any of this new information change your outlook on Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know.

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