In the latest case of an artist being targeted by social justice focused critics, a comic artist has received numerous insults and accusations of misogyny due to his creation of a fan art redesign which features Captain Marvel in a risqué and revealing outfit.

On November 2nd, Argentinian freelance comic artist Pablo Romero posted “A Captain Marvel redesign, just for fun.” To his personal Twitter account. This redesign featured Carol Danvers in a sexualized costume reminiscent of 1980s comic book and fantasy designs, wearing a costume that emphasizes her chest, and bares her legs and midriff:

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In a display of the increasingly common trend seen in recent months, Romero’s piece quickly found itself in the crosshairs of younger, activism-oriented critics who proceeded to disingenuously criticize both the piece and Romero, claiming that Romero’s work was inherently “sexist” to real world women:

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Despite the picture depicting a fictional character and the real-world existence of women with similar features and body types, many of Romero’s critics also relied heavily on the increasingly common rhetoric that these sexualized and idealized bodies would realistically leave no room for internal organs to support their criticisms:

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However, as was seen during the recent attempt to shame and chastise artist devilhs for his busty fan art depiction of Star Wars’ Rey, these criticisms inspired other artists to produce more art of Captain Marvel clad in Romero’s redesign as a show of solidarity and support:

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In the wake of the outrage directed against him, Romero appears unaffected by his critics, taking the time to thank his supporters and state that “Its fun to see people loosing their mind because of large breasts:”

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