In Disney’s Disney Rewards Insider magazine, the new droid D-O in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is described as a toddler.

ClownfishTV did a video featuring the magazine where it begins by describing D-O as “fourteen inches of fun” and that he’s “charged up to steal hearts in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”

The article then quotes Lucasfilm’s Creature & Droid Supervisor Neil Scanlan who describes the new droid as a “toddler.”

Scanlan states, “In some ways, D-O is a toddler.”

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He continues, “He has a mono wheel, so it’s difficult for him to balance, and he’s a bit wobbly like a young child. He’s also not super confident about his abilities and he often doesn’t quite understand what he’s supposed to do.”

Scanlan continues:

“He tries to makes up for it by being slightly cocky. He wants to impress the others, so he over compensates. It makes for some very funny moments.”

Scanlan then touches on BB-8 and D-O’s relationship.

“But what I love best is the relationship between D-O and BB-8. BB-8 finds D-O off in a corner. He’s covered in dust and cobwebs and has run out of charge. BB-8 recharges him and when D-O waks up he imprints on BB-8 immediately.”

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He continues:

“From that moment on, D-O is completely and utterly enthralled by BB-8. He follows him around like a baby duckling following its mom and tries to mimic him – even when he doesn’t quite know what BB-8 is doing. BB-8 loves! You can the moments of parental responsibility, pride and nurturing.”

Scanlan then declares, “It’s the first time we see a droid drawn to and mentoring another droid. It’s a very sweet relationship.”

While D-O might be attached to BB-8, Scanlan reveals his actual function as a droid has not been decided yet. Although he does reveal some droids have been specifically created for “cleaning the desert.”

“We love coming up with these wacky ideas of what each of them can do, although I don’t D-O’s function has been decided yet – except to attach himself to BB-8. It’s fun because there are so many things you can come up with, you never run out of ideas.”

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Despite Scanlon indicating he doesn’t know what D-O’s function is, Kneon clearly states, “He’s designed to sell toys, and you know what the toys aren’t selling.”

But he might not just be for selling toys. He’s also for baking cookies.

Star Wars posted a recipe for Spinning D-O cookies on their website. So he’s definitely made for consumption!

What do you make of Scanlan’s comments regarding D-O? Can you believe they created a droid and have no idea what his purpose in the film is?

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