New Alleged Details Emerge on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Screening

New alleged details emerge from a rumored Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker screening with loads of spoilers surrounding Emperor Palpatine.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock, who previously recounted the rumor regarding the disaster of The Rise of Skywalker screenings with three different versions of the film including a Kathleen Kennedy cut, a Bob Iger cut, and a George Lucas cut that would introduce a “secret Skywalker.”

Rumor: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to Introduce “Secret Skywalker”

In this new rumor, Doomcock describes a different cut of the film. He describes it as a hybrid between the Kathleen Kennedy cut and the Bob Iger cut, a cut that will more than likely never be seen by the viewing public.

Doomcock details what his source provided him:

“The screening opened on Rey running in the woods. Luke was talking to her in her head. Training her from beyond the grave, the same way Obi-Wan advised him. Luke tells Rey that the Force is all about instinct. This scene goes on for awhile and then Leia appears, and informs Rey that her training is almost complete and the time has come for her to face Kylo Ren again. So, Rey, Chewbacca, BB-8, Finn, and Poe, and the rest of the munchkins leave to find Kylo Ren.”

Doomcock continues:

“They go to a desert planet looking for him.  And lo and behold, Kylo Ren appears as he was looking for Rey as well. So I guessed they sensed each other or something.”

He then details that the scene with Rey confronting the Tie Fighter in the first trailer occurs. However, instead of just leaping over the ship, Rey uses her lightsaber to cut off one of the wings. After his ship is downed, Kylo Ren emerges from his ship unscathed and the two have a lightsaber duel.

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Kylo Ren puts the fight on pause when he asks Rey, “Do you feel that?” Rey concurs and notes that she has felt that presence before describing it as the Dark Side, but even more threatening than Snoke. The two eventually decide to put their current battle on pause to seek out and destroy this “new” threat.

This new threat is hinted at being Emperor Palpatine as a figure on a chair is seen and his familiar laugh is hard.

The next scene sees Rey and Kylo Ren on a water planet searching for Palpatine. Finn is also apparently on the planet searching for Rey.


After showing Finn, the screening then returns to Rey and Kylo Ren as Rey tries to redeem Kylo Ren and turn him back to the Light Side. Kylo Ren gets angered and the two fight once again with Rey wiping the floor with him. Kylo Ren then paraphrases Emperor Palpatine from Return of the Jedi encouraging Rey to strike him down and letting her hate convert her to the Dark Side.

Rey rebuffs this attempt, abandons Kylo Ren, and sets off on her own to seek out this disturbance in The Force. After losing to Rey, Kylo Ren destroys his mask in a fit of rage.

Rey is then shown on the iceberg planet seen in the trailer. There she discovers Palpatine. During this encounter, Palpatine details that he knew that Vader would betray him and thus he took precautions, “Everything that has transpired, I have foreseen it.” Palpatine also disregards Rey’s statement that Luke saw Vader kill Palpatine. He questions, “Did he now?”

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Doomcock then details what his source told him of what Palpatine looks like:

“How to put this. The face is from episode three. He looked nothing like The Emperor from episode six.”

Palpatine then reveals that Vader killed a clone that was being controlled by The Emperor from whatever planet he is on. In fact, a young Palpatine walks into the set with the source speculating that it could be Matt Smith, but it’s difficult to tell as you only see his profile.

The screening then cuts to Finn and Rose, who are joined by the Rebel fleet, but are still searching for Rey, There aren’t many details provided for this scene, as the screening cuts back to Kylo Ren. Ren is fixing his mask after smashing it. He fully repairs and puts it back on.

The movie then cuts back to Rey and Palpatine. However, this time Kylo Ren joins them with his red lightsaber drawn. Palpatine then threatens to kill both Ren and Rey so that he can once again rule.

Ren mocks the Emperor noting that all he sees is an old man. The Emperor then pulls out a hologram and tells a Stormtrooper to execute Order 67. After giving the issue, the Star Destroyers seen in the trailer footage rise out of the icy water. The Emperor and Kylo Ren then prepare to fight.

The screening then cuts back to Finn and Rose, who have discovered the iceberg planet. They discover the massive fleet of Empire era ships. In order to combat this fleet, Leia gets in contact with Hux and the Resistance and First Order combine forces. A ship then drops out of hyperspace that is massive and equipped with two Death Star cannons.

Rey and The Emperor are then seen fighting before it quickly cuts back to the giant fleet of ships again. As the fleet battle commences the Resistance forces are attempting to take out the Death Star cannons with the space horse cavalry charge seen in the most recent trailer.

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During the space battle, the Millennium Falcon is then destroyed with Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2 all on board and confirmed dead.

The Emperor is then seen again fighting Rey and it appears that he has her beaten. However, Rey receives aid from Leia, Luke, and Yoda who fight the Emperor. The Emperor ends up killing Leia.

Leia Organa

Rey then teams up with Kylo Ren and they defeat The Emperor.

Yoda and Luke then provide Rey and Kylo Ren with words of wisdom as the screening ends.

What do you make of these alleged details from this rumored test screening? Do you think some of these ideas might end up in the final cut of the film? Do you think this is legitimate?

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