Star Trek: The Next Generation actress Gates McFadden appeared to be open to appearing on The Orville and Star Trek: Picard telling YouTube channel Orville Nation, “You never know what’s around the bend.”

However, McFadden did say she had not been asked to appear on either show.

“In terms of your third and fourth questions to me, I can’t answer that. I don’t know if I’m ever going to be on The Orville or Picard. I mean who knows in life, I don’t that’s for sure. Nobody’s asked me, but then life is hard, you just got to roll with the dice.”

She then adds, “You never know what’s around the bend.”

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McFadden starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Dr. Beverly Crusher. She would reprise the role in Star Trek Generations, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, and Star Trek: Nemesis.

However, McFadden’s last acting credit according to IMDB was a 2017 episode of NCIS where she played Mrs. Belmont. She also played Dr. Constance Abrams in the TV movie A Neighbor’s Deception.

There is a possibility that Gates McFadden could reprise her role as Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: Picard.

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Patrick Stewart recently talked about exploring Picard’s relationship with Crusher while at Destination Star Trek Birmingham. Stewart told fans at the convention that other crew members from Star Trek: The Next Generation would more than likely appear on the show, “Will we see the rest of the group? I think so.”

Stewart also specifically touched on Gates McFadden and her Beverly Crusher character responding to a fan who asked if their relationship would be further explored in Star Trek: Picard.

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Stewart stated, “It would be great to find a way to bring her in.”

McFadden recently updated her Twitter followers noting she recently had collarbone surgery and it went “very well.”

Do you want to see Gates McFadden appear in Star Trek: Picard? What about The Orville?

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