Twitch IRL Streamer Perlababe Reveals The Obvious Truth About How She Gets Views

If you’ve been on Twitch either streaming or viewing, you have likely seen or visited the IRL or Just Chatting categories.

Both categories are interesting places. Some viewers think these are the greatest thing on Twitch, while others would liken them to Mos Eisley spaceport from Star Wars.

Many IRL and Just Chatting streamers push the envelope of the Twitch TOS, whether it’s with clothing, suggestive acts, or crazy stunts.

One IRL streamer Perlababe told her viewers in her November 11th broadcast just how she’s achieved her channel growth.

As reported by Dexerto she responds to a viewer calling her out, “I do show my thighs, because if it wasn’t for my thighs, I wouldn’t get as much viewers.”

“You know I gotta get people somehow,” she continued.

She didn’t shy away from the fact that her gameplay skills would not be the factor drawing viewers to the stream.

“I try to lure everyone with my big thighs, so they can come watch my Fortnite skills.”

Perlababe also noted that each and every time she appears under the Just Chatting category, she does indeed “show her thighs.”

Highlighting the effectiveness of her methods, Perla concluded by stating she had hit her personal subscription goal for that day early on in the broadcast.

It’s rare to find such blatant honesty these days, especially amongst the IRL and Just Chatting crowd.

Perlababe certainly isn’t going to change what works for her growth, but she should be vigilant not to end up banned like others have.

No matter what her streaming future holds, her honesty is refreshing.

Should more IRL and Just Chatting streamers be transparent about their intentions and growth methods? Leave your comments below.



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