Anita Sarkeesian Doubles Down Labels Criticism of Her Attack on The Mandalorian and Jon Favreau as “Harassment”

Anita Sarkeesian, a self-labeled feminist media critic, doubled down on her attack of Jon Favreau and The Mandalorian by labeling those who called her out as harassers.

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Sarkeesian took to Twitter to play victim despite being the initial aggressor. She would also continue to attack the show insinuating it “normalizes patriarchy.”

In a subsequent tweet she would drop the insinuation and double down on her attack of The Mandalorian saying, “Most mass media overwhelmingly centers men, and perpetuates patriarchy. The Mandalorian is no exception.” She then attacks the setting and characters of the show because they involve men.

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I’m not really sure how showing a space where men operate is normalizing the patriarchy especially since you have matriarchal societies in Star Wars like the Night Sisters as well. But it’s Sarkeesian and she’s got to score the woke victim points.

She then claims she is the victim of online harassment because people called her out on her disgusting attack against The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau and the show in general.

In what I can only describe as a mind Twister, Sarkeesian justifies what she describes as online harassment if it comes from her point of view.

She writes, “Allowing space to voice dissenting opinions is important but there is a big difference between calling out oppressive and regressive ideologies and defending the status quo to the degree that it actively works to dehumanize the most vulnerable people in our society.”

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Sarkeesian then claims that the individuals who decided to call her out for her attack on Jon Favreau and The Mandalorian are actively trying to silence her. Interestingly enough, she is still Tweeting about it and now claiming she is some kind of victim.

She would double down on all of this and receive aide from the Access Media in the form of Kat Tenbarge at Insider.

Tenbarge claims people calling out Sarkeesian for her first strike attack on Favreau and The Mandalorian are “dogpiling, a type of online harassment where, on Twitter, someone’s replies outnumber likes and retweets, and are mostly filled with repetitive, hurtful comments.”

It’s what you expect from Access Media types, they have to circle the wagons and use deception in order to paint their own twisted narrative.

Sarkeesian would tell Tenbarge:

“It’s ironic. Women, especially feminists, get accused of being emotional and angry and all of these things when all we said was ‘Hey, I noticed this thing. And it’s kind of a problem, and I think it’s really bad for our society.”

She added, “If they didn’t reply to it, my tweet would have just been gone. They made it a much bigger deal.”

Remember, how she earlier tweeted that she was being silenced? It seems that was an outright lie. She’s claiming the opposite now. She’s actually saying that all of this supposed “harassment” made her voice even bigger. Which is it?

And Sarkeesian was angry. That’s why she specifically named Jon Favreau and attempted to gin up anger against him in her original attack on the show.

Nevertheless, Sarkeesian continued her attack on the show lamenting it for its lack of female characters.

“Even if you want to give the show the benefit of the doubt and say there’s some big, wild justification that’s going to come around in episode 7, it feels wrong that the vast majority of this world is populated by men or male-identified characters.”

Somehow having a show centered around men “feels wrong.” What? This is utterly ridiculous. It’s like saying GLOW or Orange is the New Black feels wrong because the vast majority of the world is populated by female or female-identified character. Yea it’s pretty stupid.

Nevertheless, Sarkeesian doubled down on the stupid.

“We are so accustomed to male-dominated narratives that it’s easy to not even notice glaring omissions.”

She added:

“Unlike if the entire cast had been women, I suspect everyone would have immediately noticed that regardless of what one’s opinion would be on that casting choice.”

Or perhaps Star Wars fans actually realized there are women in the show given Gina Carano has been promoting the show and featured in the trailers.

The show is also called The Mandalorian, meaning it’s focused on the singular character.

Star Wars fans aren’t idiots. But Anita Sarkeesian is a big one.

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