That Star Wars Girl Wrecks Anita Sarkeesian’s Attack on Disney’s The Mandalorian and Showrunner Jon Favreau

YouTuber That Star Wars Girl shut down Anita Sarkeesian after she attacked Disney’s new Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian and showrunner Jon Favreau.

Sarkeesian took to Twitter to write, “Am I extremely tired or is there not a single female speaking character in the first episode of #Mandelorian?? I’ve gotta have missed something right???”

Sarkeesian most definitely missed the whole scene where The Mandalorian visits the Armorer played by actress Emily Swallow. It’s actually one of the more interesting scenes of the entire first episode as it hints at The Mandalorian’s deep culture and the value their people place on the Beskar metal.

Despite missing this key scene, Sarkeesian would attack The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau. She wrote on Twitter, “I guess Jon Favreau was like “well if we just make all the vehicles female like the ship and the Blurrg then we’re good right? That’s just the right amount of ‘female'”.

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She continues writing, “It feels especially jarring given how much the recent films have done to amplify women and women of colour who have been historically marginalized in the franchise.”

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Sarkeesian added, “I still feel like I just forgot an entire scene and that in this year of our Lord 2019 an epic blockbuster television show could not be released without any female speaking parts.”

She would eventually admit there was a female scene, but did not retract her attack on Jon Favreau. She wrote, “Shout out to Jayded Austin for reminding me of the one scene that had a female character. Lol. Sigh. STILL.”

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That Star Wars Girl was having none of Sarkeesian’s attack on the film. She responded on Twitter writing, “I’m extremely tired of your blatant sexism. No one cares about your obsession with women. There’s a concept called: Quality vs Quantity. Learn it.”

That Star Wars Girl was not the only person to shut down Sarkeesian. A number of others did as well.

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What do you make of That Star Wars Girl’s response to Anita Sarkeesian? What do you make of Sarkeesian’s attack on the show and Jon Favreau?

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